Directionless Youth

Ordinarily, a wolf pack will live together, hunt together, and establish a social order. Pack animals exist like this because it helps them to survive by giving them the security of being protected from predators and having access to a food source. However, sometimes there will be a schism in the social order which may result in the departure (or sometimes submission or death) of one of the members of the group. This lone wolf no longer has others to depend on to warn it if danger approaches or to help it capture prey. Because of this, it has a better chance of dying of things which could’ve been more tactfully avoided had it stayed with its old pack.

Social groups involving humans work similarly. There are some people who typically make the decisions and others who usually prefer to just go along with whatever the other members feel like doing. Deindividuation can result; causing people to be more likely to do or say things that they would not be comfortable with if they didn’t have their group backing them up. Akin to this is peer pressure, the power of which compels you.

Human social groups help protect members from danger (or lead them into it “for the lulz”) via advice, now often in a pixelated format so the cave creatures don’t have to step into the light of day to talk to people. Like wolves hunting prey, group members can also help egg each other on and share obstacles e.g. studying for a test together. Groups also help set standards and expectations for the members. And, again as in a wolf pack, a member who goes off on their own must face life without a horde backing them up, which leaves them open to dangers like shunning, shaming, embarrassment, insults, et cetera. Understandably, this is not a good thing.

However, more and more modern youth seem to be content with ignoring the guidance of the most experienced, intelligent and wise group members available to them. Naturally these people are the oldest – typically they are the parents or grandparents of the youth. They’ve seen life’s obstacles and lived to tell the tale. Modern youth does not care. It has embraced the freedom to do anything it thinks it wants while disregarding potentially life-altering information. In the process, it has given up its freedom from things like confusion, joblessness, complete loss of chivalry and honor, and the security of knowing one’s path in life.

The familial unit used to provide this security, but is has slowly been breaking down and dying in recent decades. Family members used to listen to each other, protect each other, teach each other, and generally help each other survive. The family took up a trade and worked to perfect it over generations. This not only resulted in the customers getting a long-lasting product that was custom made for them – it gave people the security of knowing that they would have a job and a meaning in life and allowed them the opportunity to learn how to do something first hand as a life skill instead of going to college during an “educational” path which teaches them almost nothing that will ever be of any use to them (college also drains peoples’ savings and puts unnecessary stress on them, whereas the old way did not do these things).

Because people have given up this security, they become confused and have to go on a long and costly soul searching journey in order to pick something they want to do with their life. This can result in the person being miserable after making an irrational or uninformed decision. It also completely removes the familial pride which used to come with taking up the family craft and perfecting it while having full knowledge of being a useful and productive member of society. And so the youth takes a cubicle job and becomes another brick in the wall.

I cannot say what caused the youth to rebel against the old ways and I will not pretend to know. I can only tell you that it appears to be causing many people a vast amount of confusion, pain, and needless suffering.

It is because of this that I encourage families to remain strong and loving. I firmly believe that doing so will coax the youth of the future into listening to traditional values presented to them by the people who will one day become their elders and educators, their protectors and their guides. The latter group of people may be young now, but that gives us all the more time to learn important lessons to teach our children and our children’s children. In this manner, we can help ensure a brighter future for humanity in which we can guide our descendants even after our physical death.