Celtic Fairy Tale: The Children of Lir

After first being wed, Lir had a happy life. It continued that way ’til the death of his wife. He began to grieve and his friends were afraid that he’d ne’er depart from the edge of the grave. Bodb the Red declared to his friend: “No man should live unwed.” He offered his daughters for marriage so Lir’s heart could mend. Aeb was the oldest daughter of Bodb the Red. The was the one to whom Lir chose to be wed. In Lir’s castle atop the Hill of the White Field they began a new life. Two sets of twins were born, but then came more strife. The children were beautiful, but they could not save Lir from grief when Aeb went to her grave. Aoife was the next daughter of Bodb the Red to whom the unfortunate Lir was wed. She cared for her sister’s children, and for a time all was well, but she grew jealous of Lir’s love for them and wanted to send them to Hel. She took the children on a journey, but when they went away Aoife brought servants so the children they’d slay. The servants thought it a dreadful task and refused to obey. With a sword she had, Aoife did intend the lives of the four little children to end, but next to the servants her will was no stronger and so the children stayed alive a bit longer. In that same evening the carriage arrived at the edge of Loch Dairbhreach with them all still inside. Aoife offered the children a simple invitation – to refresh themselves in the lake for a little relaxation. As they entered the water, she toughed each with a wand. She chanted as the children turned into white swans: “Here on Dairbhreach’s lonely wave / For years to come your watery home / Not Lir nor Druid can now you save / From endless wandering on lonely foam“. When Lir learned of what had come to pass he hurried to the lake uncommonly fast. Four beautiful swans were all he did meet. They recognized their father, and Lir they did greet. “Do not mourn. Your love will give us strength to endure a thousand years,” (but no kind words can dry a grieving father’s tears!). Several centuries passed, then a few centuries more. After a thousand years their feathers fell to the lake’s floor. Finally, then, the children died when the feathers fell to reveal the humans inside. Villagers buried them under a stone inscribed, “Here lie the children of Lir, who rest in peace at last.” Now the children can sleep – free from the pain of the past.


A Brief Note on the Importance of Moderation

When we make decisions there is often a variety of options available to us. Some of those options are typically seen as “good” while others are typically seen as “bad”. This is, of course, very simple logic of which every child is aware. However, as we grow older, we are able to think more deeply about the choices we make and are able to come to conclusions involving “bad” things actually being “good” (e.g. spending all day being lazy after a couple days of hard labor when laziness is usually seen as a bad thing, but in this case is necessary for recuperation, and, therefore, good).

It is at this point that one may come across the idea the certain things are not automatically “bad” and that it is really overindulgence or under-indulgence that decides the tipping point. Again, this is very simple logic and brings to mind the old saying “Too much of a good thing is too much of a good thing!” So the younger children know lists of things that qualify as typically “good” or “bad”, the older children know that at least some of the latter are perfectly fine in moderation, and then they get brainwashed by the media into forgetting how to use their brains and they become alcoholic whores upon reaching (usually) young adulthood or adolescence. The basic building block of moderation has been removed from their thinking processes, obviously causing serious problems resulting from a lack of self-control.

The sensible person avoids things he knows to be likely to melt his brain. People such as this must then put up with the mindless shopaholic zombies wandering around everywhere talking about television shows while covered in clown makeup and discussing how hard it is for them to save money for their monstrous, deforming, de-fertilizing, unsafe and unnecessary plastic surgery because they hate themselves and they don’t have the mental capacity to appreciate natural beauty.

The zombies have lost their ability to behave like civilized human beings, have done terribly dishonorable things, and regularly try to hide how hideous they are on the inside by disguising themselves on the outside and lying to everyone about it. These are the animals one becomes after losing the attributes of the sophisticated human mind; among them being one’s ability to do things in moderation. It’s sickening and causing it to happen should officially qualify as a crime. Then we could finally punish the Untermenschen responsible and maybe finally get some peace around here again.

Drugs: The Poison Candy You Take From Strangers

The United States used to be a very healthy and productive nation. People were happy. They were laughing and dancing in the streets, girls wore dresses, people had contests to see how many could fit into a single telephone booth (a level of creative thinking the tele-viewers would have trouble with today, I imagine), and other interesting things happened. And then something happened that stopped the smiling, the dance-offs, the high global productivity rank, and all fun involving telephone booths and the like.

Mass medication took these things, chewed them up, and spat them into a Petri dish so it could see who might be a good candidate for unnecessary medicating. Diseases were invented to suck the money out of the general population. Perfectly ordinary people were told they were ill or insane and all they had to do was take some drugs to get better. The United States quickly went from being one of the healthiest nations to one of the sickest.

People became dependent on the drugs (e.g. the people who drank a certain well-known soft drink when it still had cocaine in it became cocaine addicts) and their brains, minds, and bodies were permanently altered for the worse. Suddenly, everyone was sick and depressed. They had to take more medicine to ease the side effects of the first useless medicine and a lot of people lost vast amounts of money they could’ve spent on things they actually needed. This has continued to today, when drug advertisements can be heard on the radio, seen on television and on billboards on roadsides, and heard about from some friend or relative who “just found the perfect thing to cure that thing you just came down with!” Pathetic. One cannot even take a sip of water in the United States without being drugged by sodium fluoride.

Of course, this kills off the people who are too stupid to know when they’re really just fine. They get sick from the drugs that are supposed to make them better and then they either actually get sick or they end their own useless lives. Good riddance! If they’re too stupid to not stop doing things that make them feel bad in the first place, then they deserve the horrible things that come as a result.

On the other hand, what are the other people supposed to do? If they grow their own garden to provide themselves with drugless food, Monsanto claims ownership over it and sues them into the ground or the government destroys it for no good reason. If they kill animals for food they’re at risk of getting in trouble with the law for animal cruelty (“Why would you kill that poor thing when you could just go to the store and buy an outrageously overpriced slab of meat made from a few hundred different animals which were saturated with drugs and chemicals their whole lives?”) as if it isn’t perfectly normal for omnivores to kill animals and eat them for sustenance. It is. It seems a lot of people have forgotten that.

This wouldn’t be a problem if the government of the US would work like it’s supposed to. THE PEOPLE are supposed to control the government, not the other way around! It’s the government that should fear a revolution, not the people who should fear getting murdered by drones without warning! Elections aren’t even real anymore. If it weren’t for all the drugs and lies the masses have been swallowing, there would’ve been another American Revolution A LONG TIME AGO. This is not a democracy – it is a dictatorship where the government does whatever is pleases. This is not the United States of America the Founding Fathers had in mind. It’s not even close.

Poem: Seed

In the cracks

One must look

To find the evil seed


Kill it fast

Before it grows

And devours all we need


The roots are cracking

The forgotten bridge

We used to tend with care


It leads to a place

We once called home-

And ’twas the sweetest anywhere


This infection

That is growing

Must quickly now be stopped


It is a liar

But its head is showing…

All the better to be lopped off!



Comparing Bikes to Cars

Not long ago, I posted an article called “Noise”. I was thinking about that article when I got my new bike yesterday (to me it was new anyway – really it was used and I got it second hand), and I thought I’d take this opportunity to compare bikes to cars. After all, bikes are a great substitute for cars in plenty of cases.

They’re more eco-friendly than cars because they don’t use fossil fuel or need to be charged. (Unless you’re getting that electricity from a renewable source like solar energy, it’s not really clean.) Bikes get their energy from whoever rides them. Whoever rides them gets the energy from the food and beverages they would’ve consumed anyway. Naturally, using the energy from that food to exercise helps prevent it from being turned into fat (assuming the caloric intake is of a comparable level to, or less than, that of the calories burned during the corresponding exercise). It also strengthens the muscles and results in the intake of vitamin D when done outside on a sunny day, and of course all of these things are healthy.

Riding a bike instead of driving a car also helps reduce noise pollution. As implied in the previously-mentioned article, noise pollution makes it difficult to think, concentrate, and sleep for a healthy amount of time each night (about ten hours). When one has difficulty with such things, productivity is notably decreased. The frustration and lack of sleep can also result in behavioral problems (such as shortened temper) and dependence on the sleep aids one may use when there are vehicles driving by one’s living residence all night.

While it is true that one may need to use a vehicle in emergencies or when buying massively unnecessary piles of groceries, ordinary commuting does not require a car. Imagine, if you will, a world in which it is socially excusable to arrive at work several minutes late on a regular basis. This isn’t very likely to happen with the use of cars being so widespread; however, with a bicycle it would be more acceptable (“Sorry I’m late – I pulled a muscle” sounds like a much better excuse than saying you were stuck in traffic because you were too lazy or busy to check the traffic report beforehand to find a quicker route to work. I mean, no one cares why you didn’t check it beforehand. The point is that you didn’t and you could have. I don’t care if you don’t have electricity at your house, call a friend or something. Geez…).

So in summary: bicycling is healthier for you, it is friendlier to the environment, it doesn’t cause the level of noise pollution created by cars, and it is a nice substitute to driving when a car isn’t completely necessary. (Put THAT in your report, Dawn! HA!)

Poem: Temporary

Among the hungry monsters

Are a few with eyes that wander

They pursue with merciless diligence

All they see


They whisper when we’re dreaming

And when we’re awake they’re screaming

For anything that was, is,

And ever could be


They eat the earth around us

They blind us and confound us

Then they turn around

And eat our soul


Before this we can stop them

And remember things forgotten

And remove the poison from our system

To regain control


I walk down the street and I hear the sub woofers blasting in cars. I hear the din of engines and wheels zipping past me in a self-important manner. If I have a destination, when I get to it I am exposed to the rummaging sounds of unorganized individuals. I am perpetually distracted by the conversations I cannot help but listen to (against my will for that matter!) that people are having with some person who isn’t even there because they have a cell phone glued to their face. Everywhere around me are the sounds of walking, slamming, shuffling, talking, et cetera. When I return home I am still not safe from the noise. I can still hear the vehicles and the people.

I am also tormented by the terrible “music” made by, and mainly consumed by, people who don’t even know what music is supposed to sound like. (Some black guy complaining about an STD he got from some whore isn’t music and neither is repeatedly stating that one is on a life-long mission to get wasted. Such things should be laid to waste as they are meant to be!) It reminds me of something I read in a book once (“The Screwtape Letters” if I recall correctly) about how everything in heaven is either music or silence and the demons are trying to spread more noise on earth so we can have neither music nor silence. Ladies, gentlemen, and people who are neither, I present to you: YOUR NOISY HELL ON EARTH!

So where has all this gotten me? To make a short list: distracted, annoyed, tired, unable to work as efficiently as I would otherwise, and wondering if there’s still a forest somewhere where I can go hiking without running into some idiot with their digital music player and fifty ugly and ill-behaved kids who wants to get in my way and have a conversation with me even though I don’t know them and really want them all to leave me alone (I go into nature to get OUT OF the city – thank you very much!).

I am obviously implying that all this noise is not good for anyone. It would be for the best if we start shutting down unnecessary electronics when we don’t REALLY need them. It would be better still if we stopped using vehicles (except in emergencies, of course) and walked to our destinations. It’s healthy and it uses less electricity and fossil fuel to do these things. Best of all: IT’S FREE. Yes, people of the jury, as you can see, this way of life is eco-friendly and results in a longer life span and better health and you can have it all FOR NOTHING.

What do you want for nothing? Apparently not this because I still see cell phones and similar electronic devices everywhere. What’s wrong with you? We’ve been surviving fine without these things for the majority of our existence and here you are getting dependent on them as if it’s necessary for you to live. Maybe you should talk to a therapist instead of a piece of plastic for a change. You’d have the money to do that if you didn’t waste it all on unnecessary junk. I don’t know why I even bother saying these things – I’m not your mother. (Now go clean your room…)