Drugs: The Poison Candy You Take From Strangers

The United States used to be a very healthy and productive nation. People were happy. They were laughing and dancing in the streets, girls wore dresses, people had contests to see how many could fit into a single telephone booth (a level of creative thinking the tele-viewers would have trouble with today, I imagine), and other interesting things happened. And then something happened that stopped the smiling, the dance-offs, the high global productivity rank, and all fun involving telephone booths and the like.

Mass medication took these things, chewed them up, and spat them into a Petri dish so it could see who might be a good candidate for unnecessary medicating. Diseases were invented to suck the money out of the general population. Perfectly ordinary people were told they were ill or insane and all they had to do was take some drugs to get better. The United States quickly went from being one of the healthiest nations to one of the sickest.

People became dependent on the drugs (e.g. the people who drank a certain well-known soft drink when it still had cocaine in it became cocaine addicts) and their brains, minds, and bodies were permanently altered for the worse. Suddenly, everyone was sick and depressed. They had to take more medicine to ease the side effects of the first useless medicine and a lot of people lost vast amounts of money they could’ve spent on things they actually needed. This has continued to today, when drug advertisements can be heard on the radio, seen on television and on billboards on roadsides, and heard about from some friend or relative who “just found the perfect thing to cure that thing you just came down with!” Pathetic. One cannot even take a sip of water in the United States without being drugged by sodium fluoride.

Of course, this kills off the people who are too stupid to know when they’re really just fine. They get sick from the drugs that are supposed to make them better and then they either actually get sick or they end their own useless lives. Good riddance! If they’re too stupid to not stop doing things that make them feel bad in the first place, then they deserve the horrible things that come as a result.

On the other hand, what are the other people supposed to do? If they grow their own garden to provide themselves with drugless food, Monsanto claims ownership over it and sues them into the ground or the government destroys it for no good reason. If they kill animals for food they’re at risk of getting in trouble with the law for animal cruelty (“Why would you kill that poor thing when you could just go to the store and buy an outrageously overpriced slab of meat made from a few hundred different animals which were saturated with drugs and chemicals their whole lives?”) as if it isn’t perfectly normal for omnivores to kill animals and eat them for sustenance. It is. It seems a lot of people have forgotten that.

This wouldn’t be a problem if the government of the US would work like it’s supposed to. THE PEOPLE are supposed to control the government, not the other way around! It’s the government that should fear a revolution, not the people who should fear getting murdered by drones without warning! Elections aren’t even real anymore. If it weren’t for all the drugs and lies the masses have been swallowing, there would’ve been another American Revolution A LONG TIME AGO. This is not a democracy – it is a dictatorship where the government does whatever is pleases. This is not the United States of America the Founding Fathers had in mind. It’s not even close.