A Brief Note on the Importance of Moderation

When we make decisions there is often a variety of options available to us. Some of those options are typically seen as “good” while others are typically seen as “bad”. This is, of course, very simple logic of which every child is aware. However, as we grow older, we are able to think more deeply about the choices we make and are able to come to conclusions involving “bad” things actually being “good” (e.g. spending all day being lazy after a couple days of hard labor when laziness is usually seen as a bad thing, but in this case is necessary for recuperation, and, therefore, good).

It is at this point that one may come across the idea the certain things are not automatically “bad” and that it is really overindulgence or under-indulgence that decides the tipping point. Again, this is very simple logic and brings to mind the old saying “Too much of a good thing is too much of a good thing!” So the younger children know lists of things that qualify as typically “good” or “bad”, the older children know that at least some of the latter are perfectly fine in moderation, and then they get brainwashed by the media into forgetting how to use their brains and they become alcoholic whores upon reaching (usually) young adulthood or adolescence. The basic building block of moderation has been removed from their thinking processes, obviously causing serious problems resulting from a lack of self-control.

The sensible person avoids things he knows to be likely to melt his brain. People such as this must then put up with the mindless shopaholic zombies wandering around everywhere talking about television shows while covered in clown makeup and discussing how hard it is for them to save money for their monstrous, deforming, de-fertilizing, unsafe and unnecessary plastic surgery because they hate themselves and they don’t have the mental capacity to appreciate natural beauty.

The zombies have lost their ability to behave like civilized human beings, have done terribly dishonorable things, and regularly try to hide how hideous they are on the inside by disguising themselves on the outside and lying to everyone about it. These are the animals one becomes after losing the attributes of the sophisticated human mind; among them being one’s ability to do things in moderation. It’s sickening and causing it to happen should officially qualify as a crime. Then we could finally punish the Untermenschen responsible and maybe finally get some peace around here again.