The Facade of “Equality”

Nature has been allowed to continue to thrive since its conception until only recently when the course of progress was so rudely interrupted by mankind. A reason for both the thriving and wilting periods has been an old rule – namely: survival of the fittest. At first it helped by allowing the best of each species to have the best chance of breeding and passing on helpful genes be it in animals, plants, or us. A reverse of this rule was what led to the wilting period. It was propagated that we were all equal and we all had a right to life. Individuals who would and should have died naturally were, instead, allowed and even forced to live and to use up resources, space, et cetera even if they were incapable of contributing anything to society, culture or the workforce. People who could’ve spent time helping society not collapse have instead spent their time caring for the institutionalized useless wastes of flesh eating up resources and offending the eyes of society. We have been fooled into wasting useful working persons on those who can sometimes scarcely be called human.

However, this Marxist ideology has led to more immediate and widespread problems. For example, the illusion of equality removes all the great minds of genius such as we had back in the Renaissance. The brilliant child is forced to stop and wait for the rest of his class to catch up with him instead of being encouraged to push himself to his limits and leave the others in the dust. He is, therefore, not actually allowed to achieve the level of intelligence he could have if his mind had actually been nurtured instead of being told to wait for the other kids (that is of course assuming that his formal schooling is his main of only source of education). When his brain is young and most able to learn quickly, he is forced to simply learn moronic rhymes about spiders in drainpipes and a twinkling star even when what he craves, both emotionally and biologically, is knowledge that he will use in the future. If the child somehow, and despite all foreign efforts to the contrary, excels at something and surpasses the other children his age, he will be alienated. This will force him to feel ashamed of his intelligence and talent even when he should really be quite proud of himself and feel encouraged to push himself into further levels of greatness. In the case of this alienation, he will either shy away from the others, pretend to be as stupid as they are, or go to some university where he will be subjected to further propaganda that will turn him into a mindless worker drone all too happy to take orders from “superiors” who aren’t even fit to be giving orders to dogs – much less humans. And so, in the end, the person’s ability to excel was given to him by nature all for naught (as in the line from the song Dimmu Borgir by the band of the same name, “Talent is worthless unless exercised”).

With these natural leaders stamped out of their rightful place at the top of society, people are left to question who to follow. They have no way of telling who is better than they are or who is fit to lead and rule them because they have been fooled into believing that they are all equal. It’s that kind of thinking which can lead to people thinking that if everyone is equal, then it doesn’t matter who they take orders or even suggestions from. If they think it doesn’t matter, then they don’t really care, and if they don’t really care then they might as well be taking directions from a mentally challenged (=alias retarded) foreigner with no biological connection or emotional attachment to the person, the nation of the person, or even the entire race. One could end up with a situation in which the equivalent of a blind moron with a railroad spike stuck in his skull starts leading a large group of people into what is obviously certain death, but they trust him because “we’re all equal” so he MUST be as capable of guiding them all safely to the other side as a genius with a lifetime of experience in safely escorting people to the other side of what appears to be certain death.

Furthermore, because of this erroneous assertion that we are all equal and equally deserving of life, such a superfluous amount of food and resources has been being extracted from the earth that in half a century or less at least half of us will be starving and unable to eat the amount of food we are currently used to – the opportunity to do otherwise simply will not be there. Continue even further and there will be no forests, no uncontaminated water, no speck of nature pure and unsoiled by the greed of the perpetrators left for us to live on or venture into when the desire to escape society rises inside us. Instead, there will be nothing but buildings, roads, and mountains of waste of both the natural and man-made kinds. There will be nothing safe to eat. The air will be so full of pollution that people will not be safe breathing it and there will not be enough plants to filter it back into breathable ether. Every single one of us and our descendants will die a slow and painful death if we let this come to pass. I know in my heart that it is the duty of every good person to prevent this horror from happening. Major changes must occur in order for us to save ourselves, but it is not impossible. Now is the time to stop being selfish and to focus as a people on restoring the world to better, tried and true ways for the benefit of our descendants. As a people, and only as a people, we are strong enough to make this happen. We are strong enough to save ourselves.