Intelligence, Money, Education, and Injustice

I find it odd that no one can seem to agree on what intelligence is. the meaning I’m accustomed to is based on IQ test scores. However, I’ve heard that in different cultures it can be something completely different. For example: far north of here where there is more snow and people live more “primitive” lives, intelligence is supposedly measured by how good someone’s eyesight is (better sight means better results when searching for food, and therefore more intelligence). A common factor between the two seems to be that it helps the person with more intelligence live a better life and survive. Could this then mean that CEOs are more likely to be intelligent than their lower-level worker cogs? Perhaps we could skip a step and measure intelligence by how much money someone has. This would surely anger the people who can’t make a decent living.

It would also be blatantly incorrect. This becomes obvious when you factor in  all the people who, for example, inherited their wealth. Even saying a CEO has more university degrees than a normal worker doesn’t matter regardless of whether it’s true because they could’ve either cheated through college (“survival of the most cunning” instead of the healthier “survival of the fittest”) or they could’ve been allowed to get the degree because whoever was running the university was afraid of the bad publicity or anonymous kinds of ruin they might experience if someone of that nature (one might also say Asiatic religion) did not earn the degree they wanted. As this computer gives one of the synonyms for “intelligence” as “cleverness”, it is clear that these “clever” people have been allowed to continue getting degrees they haven’t earned and rising through the ranks undeservedly (side note: this computer gives a synonym for “undeservedly” as “excessively” even though the Second College Edition of The American Heritage Dictionary sitting in my lap says the definition of the former is “unfairly or unjustifiably”, and the dictionary definition is the correct one while the computer is obviously too incorrect for what it said to actually be a synonym of the word in question). As these people also run industries, the education system, et cetera, let us continue into the labyrinth using their apparent definition of intelligence: money.

In theory, once someone has enough “intelligence” (money), they could then buy more by paying people for it. They could finance educational ventures and institutions, medical discoveries, entrepreneurial exploitation opportunities provided to them by an open market, independent researchers, und so weiter. With their newly-gained “intelligence” they could then gain more and more until they become so rich that they control everything using financial influence. Of course, they wouldn’t want any competition, so they’d finance things like the Board of Education, thereby giving them control over what people learn and how useful it is.

As it stands, what we learn in school isn’t much and almost all of it is useless. This is consistent with the idea that whoever is at the top of the pyramid wants brainless workers instead of intelligent thinkers. We are not taught the difference between versed garbage and elevated poetry worthy of the heavens. We are not taught the shades of gray in ethics or the mysteries that lie beyond what we experience in our controlled daily lives. We are not told both sides of the story when learning about war or other things in history class, and we certainly aren’t encouraged to find out. These things are unfortunate because learning about these and other similar topics are important steps toward reaching an elevated level of intelligence. But like I said, the few with the most “intelligence” don’t want any competition.

Because of this we learn to follow rules and to never stray from the norm lest we be laughed out of the room, irreparably and eternally damage our reputation, and are shunned as a stupid and possibly insane black sheep for the rest of our lives. Persistence in this sort of unconventional (in this case – actually old-fashioned, healthy and progressive) behavior can affect the person’s ability to get a job (largely thanks to the internet), as employers more often than not do not desire these off-putting black sheep or the thought of having to deal with them on a daily basis.

Another thing we learn is that differences are to be feared (except the different races of course, seeing as how anti-white propaganda is shoved down our throats starting the day we are born). Instead of trying to find out why someone looks or acts in a way to which we are not accustomed, we flee and try as hard as we can to avoid them. In this manner, we willingly deprive ourselves of the opportunity to gain new knowledge. We shun, ignore, and claim the person to be a lunatic, but in the act appear as a close-minded and stubborn ass which refuses to stop lounging about to pull a cart.

Again: denial is our downfall and self-imposed stupidity is our suicide. This ensures that the people currently at the top of the pyramid will stay there and sleep comfortably in the money and “intelligence” that rightfully belongs to us – the ones who work slave jobs and try to drink from the well of knowledge which, as previously mentioned, is being denied to us on an abominably large scale by the unworthy few who have seen fit to steal it for themselves. Instead of acting like honorable human beings (mostly because they aren’t honorable human beings), they treat us like cattle (“goyim” is the Yiddish/Jewish word for both cattle and non-Jews) that they can milk and force to work for them with threats of death and poverty whenever they desire more money, more power, more control, and ever more injustice.