Us And The Others

We as humans find it difficult to distinguish between individuals of another species and determine which individuals are attractive (things members of the other species don’t have trouble with). This difficulty comes from the fact that we are not the same species and are not naturally equipped with those abilities when looking at a  creature that we do not identify as human. Interestingly, we also have trouble with distinguishing between members of racial/ethnic groups of which we are not members. This could be because we don’t spend much time around people of those other groups or because of a similar reason to why we have trouble telling animals of another species apart, or possibly some combination of the two.

On a loosely-related subject, there is now genetic testing that can determine which part of the world one’s ancestors were from (the options are: Europe, Asia, and Africa), and this is the reason why we know the ancient Egyptians were European and not African. If it is now apparent that these genetic origins have produced such unique results to the point that we have trouble distinguishing between members of different racial/ethnic groups, and if there is testing that can divide us genetically into those same groups, then we should recognize that those groups really do exist and that we actually are genetically different from each other on a racial level. We aren’t all the same and ignoring that fact will result in the loss of diversity that we have at the moment. there are better reasons to stop breeding like there’s no tomorrow, but this should at least be a reason to preserve everything we’ve worked for.

More than that, it’s a reason for people to stay in their homeland and improve on the home they already have instead of running from their problems to another country or continent. Cowardice is not looked up to and neither is laziness. Running away instead of trying to fix things is an example of both. It helps nothing and causes people in the person’s new-found location to have to deal with new problems like loss of jobs and taxpayer money going to immigrants both legal and illegal (and the rest goes to corrupt government officials who then import more of these immigrants because they know that if these people get citizenship, they’ll get the immigrant vote as well as the opportunity to pocket more of everyone’s money for their own personal uses).

Only when there is an immediate and physical threat to someone’s life (and often not even then because it goes against the old rule of “survival of the fittest”) should this be a solution, and then only temporarily. Wanting to live in a mansion where one can watch 200 television channels simultaneously is neither a good, nor appropriate reason to emigrate out of a place. It is also a virtually impossible and obviously unrealistic fantasy, and anyone who immigrates somewhere expecting to find and partake in  such a lifestyle should either seek professional help or receive a firm and possibly loud smack to the head. It would take a while to look over every side of the immigration issue, but mass immigration in any case has the potential to affect the culture of the destination place on a noticeable level. This is not necessarily bad, but “brain gain” always comes at a price. Unfortunately, immigrants don’t always bring about this rise in the average intelligence. It’s a simple matter of being more or less selective about what kinds of people are allowed to immigrate into a place.