Remember Your Own

Drones are flying around spying on people. I’ve heard on the news that one town is even offering people hunting licenses to shoot down drones. The government sees almost everything we do on the internet and hears everything we say on the phone. The government says it is doing these things for our protection, but from whose point of view do they mean that? Do that mean they are doing it for our protection as in “we the people”?

No. The government, when it says it does these things for “our protection”, means it in the way that a tyrant king might claim to be doing things for “our protection” – “our” in this case really just means the ruler. Said ruler may sometimes use the plural first person when referring to himself because he is supposed to represent himself as well as the state. So when the government says they are doing things for “our protection” they mean it’s for the protection of political puppets and their masters. And, quite frankly, these people aren’t of great importance.

This is because they are not America and they are not America’s government. Since the United States is – at least in name – a constitutional democracy, that means the people are the government. The people are the ones who are supposed to run things. Not lobbyists, dogs and their owners. And it should be mentioned that as long as they do what they’re told they WILL stay in government positions either by means of the “revolving door” or by just hanging around in the shadows in the back where no one can see them and whispering pretty little lies to the people who – we are told – run the show.

So if the government is doing things to protect itself from its own people, that means they must be afraid of us. If they weren’t, they wouldn’t have allegedly passed a law that allows them to kill us whenever and wherever they want just because we might be “terrorists”. Naturally, they can easily abuse this (just as some abuse the phone tapping opportunities the government provides by putting them in that position) and start to kill people just because they don’t like them. But I digress. If they are afraid of us, then they must have a good reason. They must know that we are not happy and they must expect that people are now realizing that they are traitors who do not work for us. And they are trying to make another revolution impossible by creating a population so heterogeneous that we cannot possibly unite against them as well as by passing laws that let them do whatever they want and which leave us completely defenseless.

It is only a matter of time before they make it illegal to even talk about how unhappy we are and why we do not like what is happening. Sure we may have the First Amendment, but Americans are still in danger of being arrested and executed for saying the wrong thing. All someone has to do to make it happen is to twist words in the person’s mouth to make it look like they might be planning a revolution or something similar (“revolution” is the appropriate word in this case while the phrase “terrorist attack” is not because the people who think they are the government are the ones spreading terror by killing us, taking away all our money – sometimes for themselves and other times to fund foreigners overseas that most of us don’t even care about, locking us away in prisons where they feed people food labeled “not fit for human consumption” et cetera) and then the person who only wanted to say something is thrown in prison or killed. Of course they can do this now and they don’t even have to give any evidence to do it, but they don’t have enough of a legal safety net for the case to hold up in a fair public court if it ever went public. It wouldn’t, but they are still afraid.

Once they get that going, people will be thrown in jail left and right for speaking their opinion or even for speaking the truth. Take it even further and you can get a case like a recently-started one in France where one man has simply been pointing out differences between different groups of people and facts about Pagan Europeans, Muslims, Jews, the Holocaust, eugenics and so on, and the media has been trying to create an imaginary link between him and another Norwegian (one who the former said should drop dead) who massacred some people on an island not too long ago so they can keep him in jail longer once he is sentenced. Yes, they’re trying to throw him in jail for stating facts and opinions.

The jails will naturally be even more overcrowded after a very short period of time if that happens. When it becomes apparent that people will continue to talk, “the government” (alias of criminals with positions in the apparent government) will start shooting people down immediately after accusing them of “planning a terrorist attack”, or even before officially accusing them by means of drones, because there will be no more room for any new prisoners. When that is over with, no nation will have a gadfly to sting it into action and progress. When no actions are taken and no progress is made, anyone left will no longer see a point in life. When people no longer see a point in life, they become depressed, and (some) depressed people kill themselves. There will no longer be anyone to stop tyranny because everyone who used to speak out will be dead. Everyone else will die as consequence for the reasons already mentioned.

It will not do to not speak out just because you are not the one getting harassed, imprisoned, or killed. When the silent majority remains silent, “the government” may chip away at subgroups until no one is left to stand up for you.  This is much easier now since “the government” has been trying its hardest to make a heterogeneous population – one that cannot unite and one which says “well, I’m not in that group, so why should I say anything?” Not feeling the desire to defend someone you are not close to in any way is one thing, but you should at least stand up for the defense of your own people.

When I was in school, they taught everyone an old phrase people said in another time like this – a time when people had to unite to defend justice and their rights as human beings, and there was a monarchy involved then too (but the current one is “ours” and admittedly metaphorical). It is high time for a reminder of how people used to join together with their kin and proclaim their loyalty to their own by saying:

“United we stand, divided we fall!”