German Verbs Part II: Commands, Irregulars, Mixed

Command form: in the “du” form, the verb has the same root as the present tense, but does not include the -st ending or umlauts. The “ihr” form is the same as the present tense “ihr” form, but the word “ihr” is absent from the sentence (same as the “du” form). The verbs in the “wir” and “Sie” forms stay the same, but the “wir” or “Sie” goes after the verb.

The irregular and mixed verbs are strong verbs that do not follow the same pattern as the weak verbs and which also do not fit into the normal verb classes. Since they do not follow the pattern, they must simply be memorized.

Here is a list of irregular German verbs – first in present tense, then in the imperfect past tense, and last in the perfect past tense: gehen ging gegangen, kommen kam gekommen, sein war gewesen, stehen stand gestanden, tun tat getan, werden wurde geworden.

Here is a list of mixed German verbs following the same order as the first list: bringen brachte gebracht, denken dachte gedacht, haben hatte gehabt, kennen kannte gekannt, nennen nannte genannt, rennen rannte gerannt, wissen wusste gewusst.

The modal verbs and different verb classes will be posted at a later date (probably not all at once).


The Necessity of Di-Polarity

In nature as in physics, things typically have something equal and opposite to themselves. Yin and Yang, man and woman, positive and negative – the world is ever balanced as it floats between fire and an ocean of nothing. Tipping the scales causes disharmony e.g. if you eliminate predators, overpopulation becomes more likely. On the other hand, if there are too many predators extinction becomes more likely. Either kind of imbalance can be dangerous. This is why we need negative things in life. How we deal with them reveals which people are the best among us as long as both sides are playing fairly. Likewise, when one side chooses not to be fair, it can become balanced if the other side makes the same choice as the first. It then evens itself out. In this way, “evil” or “badness” can be seen as just another necessity for life. Without it there would be no “goodness” because there would be nothing to compare it to, so the negative is not truly bad. They are simply two different requirements for harmonizing the equation of existence. (That does not automatically mean we have to like them.)


Anniversaries used to be something special. They used to remind you of something or someone important. The anniversary used to be celebrated, oftentimes with someone else, in a yearly and at times ritualistic manner.

Then at some point pieces began to slip  away. Parts and details of the rituals were lost. It became less and less important to participate in the yearly rite. The anniversaries became nothing more than things that happen every year, and finally they became just another excuse to take a day off work.

It is not the fault of the true participants who always did their part to uphold the customs and traditions in their purest form. It is more the fault of those who never took part and should never have gotten a say in the first place (as well as it is the fault of those who give in to them). They swoop in offended at the evidence that people unlike themselves exist, and then they have the nerve to demand equality (as if such a thing existed!) which is often attached to some sort of all-or-nothing ultimatum.

They propose mixing with their anniversaries, cultures, traditions and such (causing a slow extinction of unique traits, customs, appearances and so on) or that the practice of the anniversaries be taken underground or out of their way in general (potentially resulting in a much quicker extinction). And these peoples’ voices become so loud and exist over such a superfluous period of time until the group celebrating the anniversaries is forced into some sort of action. Tragically, it lately seems to be passive acceptance all too often for my taste.

Of course it can go the other way and have the outsiders – the new people who don’t belong there – wanting to celebrate as well. They don’t make kids these days like they used to, so instead of upholding the purity of the anniversaries (and sometimes traditions and customs in general), a large portion welcome in these outsiders with open arms. The new people have no reason to be celebrating these anniversaries. They do not know the proper customs, their origins, or why these things are significant. This is just another kind of mixing with the crowd of outsiders screaming in a different pitch, and they both result in degradation and eventual death of the spirit of the anniversaries.

They are like one who sits down in a restaurant at the table of a married couple only seeing that they are dressed nicely and not understanding why or knowing that the couple is celebrating their wedding anniversary. Well, this new person wants to join in because it looks like fun or because he is greedy and wants a piece of cake. The married couple tries to politely convince him to go away because this is their special day and they’re trying to spend some private time with each other. The outsider then throws a temper tantrum, the likes of which a toddler could only marvel at, and does not stop until the people bend over backwards and let him degrade the evening as much as he wants and in whatever ways he wants. If ever they should tell him “no” to a single request, he shall simply throw another temper tantrum.

What should happen in that situation is that he should be thrown out of the restaurant! If the people celebrating the anniversary are unable to do it, then the staff should be able to simply take notice and alert security to have the person escorted out and banned from the place for life. An outsider shouldn’t have a say in something special and important which they are not and should not be a part of. But we no longer widely accept this in practice. In fact, many choose to promote their own degradation and destruction instead.

Take women for example. We used to be respectable individuals responsible for the education and survival of the nation by means of properly nurturing and teaching our children. Things like beauty and intelligence were praised as things that could help us find a good husband and create the best future citizens of whatever place we happen to live in. We were responsible for the survival of our people in our own honorable way. Then something happened.

The female nature was attacked – not once but TWICE. First by the Judeo-Christian religions, which said we were to effectively be slaves to our husbands. Then we were attacked by our own sisters and childhood friends who had become “feminists” and who wanted women to become like men. They had forgotten what women were before the first attack and wanted the closest kind of freedom they could think of to escape the cage the Judeo-Christians had put us in. Well it worked.

Women now walk around wearing pants and having short hair, prompting men to seek relationships with foreign women because the natives are not womanly enough. The other option is to walk around wearing almost nothing and looking like a prostitute because “we are now free!” Which apparently means “we no longer have to act like respectable adults! Let us all go out on the town and forge casual romantic relationships with strangers who we have no intention of marrying!”

Now, a very small number of us still look and act like decent young ladies or at least try to, but many have simply given up at being a good person. Their will to do otherwise is usually completely gone because they no longer have the motivation of the betterment and perpetuation of the nation to convince them to get good grades and to look nice so they can find a good man and marry him and all that.

We are told that we are “liberated” (though it is not true) and that it is now normal to do things that were considered immoral just a century ago. We are told about what life was like under the initial Judeo-Christian enslavement and told that this way of life was the traditional role of women. Some believe these lies, never check the facts, and accordingly dress and act badly like the rebellious children they are. The rest of us are intelligent enough to research things and come to the correct conclusions by ourselves.

This current wave of boy-girl hybrids came about because of the outcry mentioned earlier. In this case, women have been made to become mixed with men and have acquired masculine traits because of that. (This may confuse some men about what role they are supposed to play in life. Some of them just wimp out completely and become “metrosexuals”. I sometimes go so far as to wonder whether asexual parenting and educating tactics can result in children becoming confused about who they are, thereby promoting a transgender life-style – keeping in mind that “promoting” is not the same as “causing”.) This reaction to the outcry has almost resulted in the death of the traditional woman’s role.

I wonder… What will be the next thing to run the gauntlet? Holidays have been under attack for thousands of years and we have forgotten almost everything true about them and their origins. People have been slandering the religions and beliefs of others for ages. Even women are no longer protected. Is nothing sacred anymore? Who will we be and what will be left after the attacks are over? We will have no culture, no history to be uniquely proud of.

Would it be for the best if we all separated back into our original groups? We could return to our fatherlands and live out the rest of our days in the land where our ancestors walked. When our life is over we can rest in the earth that gave birth to our people and sleep peacefully. We would be free from outside influence and the degradation and cultural destruction it brings as long as we could defend ourselves. Only a homogeneous society can have peace, after all.

Would it be so difficult to adhere to traditional customs and to crush the greed (or certain people) that would otherwise have us trying to take from others and that have us at war with ourselves and our neighbors? (Well maybe these days it would seem to be, but it’s still possible…) If we could just return things to better days but keep the few new things we currently have that are good, wouldn’t it be easier for us to maintain peace? We would already know what dangers we might face in familiar situations because we’ve seen them already. This would allow us to prepare for them more easily, and hopefully we’d be able to do that while retaining what good things we had before.

It could be claimed that doing this could prevent progress. I do not deny this. But it seems to me that progress these days involves things such as: destruction of nature, overpopulation, starvation, lack of natural predators that are supposed to be preventing the weak from spreading defective genes, tearing down old sacred (usually Pagan) holy sites, widespread joblessness and poverty, masses of people with no will to do anything who see no point in living, mixing everything until there is no longer any diversity and we all become miserable people with no identity and no history to be proud of, chemical warfare, biological warfare, forcing miserable people to live even when they’re dying and in pain, genocide, debt slavery, being suffocated by garbage, having to smell the decomposing trash (particularly in the cities), people mass-producing things that break after five seconds for quick profit instead of people being able to get things custom-made for them by professionals working in a family business that takes pride in the quality of their work instead of the quantity, Marxism, capitalism, feminism, the illusion of equality, corrupt “elite” groups, untrustworthy people having elections rigged so they can gain a position of power, spreading lies and propaganda while telling people it’s all true and calling it education, turning family members against each other, poisoning people who go to doctors with medications they don’t need and which almost always do them more harm than good (ask for the full list of side effects the next time a doctor prescribes you something – the stuff on the bottle is only a small portion of them), burning historical records to make it easier to spread lies about the past, removing the femininity from womanhood and the masculinity from manhood, allowing immigrants to get away with whatever crimes they please because convicting them could mess up their lives, media slander, accusing dissidents of being criminals (sometimes without even bothering to fabricate the necessary evidence to convict the person) and then taking away all their money and locking them in prison just because they said something that someone didn’t like, the perpetuation of trash that people claim to be art even if it really is just trash, nuclear warfare, degenerate media puke, heterogeneous and disharmonious populations, rap “music”, hideous fashion trends, surgical destruction of fertility (sometimes done to create the illusion of fertility), people who hate themselves because the media says they should look or act a certain way but they don’t or can’t, eating disorders, noise pollution, factory farms, genetically modified foods, patented life (Monsanto seeds), light pollution, regular pollution, chemical pollution, that hole in the ozone layer, radioactive materials being improperly disposed of and causing illness, trends that destroy or severely degrade the originals until the people who were there from the beginning become angry or miserable, school shootings, Japanese people who won’t leave their bedroom or house, a criminal justice system that allows people like pedophiles and necrophiliacs to just walk around in the general population, overcrowding, the death of chivalry, the death of having freedom from things (as it has been sacrificed for the freedom to do anything – even things people shouldn’t do), the almost complete destruction and annihilation of fairness (and I mean that in two ways), widespread drug dependency, mixing groups of people who hate each other and who don’t get along for the sake of “diversity” (which, I’d like to point out, has to be FORCED), people not being able to trust anyone (I mentioned this in my “The Facade of ‘Equality'” article about halfway through, but I wanted to say it again), decreased level of general safety partly due to people no longer belonging to groups that help their members survive, and so on.

If THAT’S progress – or even just some side effects of it – then I’d very much like to REGRESS. To me it just sounds like a list of things that are killing everyone, to be honest. And people call this progress… I think these people must be very short-sighted to have all these things going on and to assume that they can just take care of it when they need to. Well they needed to a while ago and nobody noticed. They can’t even do anything because everyone is in so much debt. The frog is sitting in boiling water. I guess that’s a form of progress if you want the frog to die, but I’d rather have us survive and live in a way that we know the earth can handle. Otherwise, our children will not even have an Earth to inherit from us in the first place. They’ll have a layer of trash covering the land and oil in the barren oceans and, oh yeah!, we might not live long enough in this trash castle of debauchery to have descendants at all!

One might be tempted to give up on reversing the trash castle trend and try jumping on the global destruction bandwagon instead, but one would then be a traitor to one’s race and earth as well as a coward who fears work. It would be much better to simply try to be a good, intelligent, and respectable adult who makes good decisions and thinks before acting. I’m not suggesting that’s all it’ll take to save ourselves and the planet, but I think it might be a good place to start. (I like to imagine it’ll be easier for everyone to come up with good solutions to problems once we all stop acting like immoral morons, but that would require massive effort on the part of a very large number of people, so I’m not confident that it’ll happen. I’ll keep hoping and trying to convince people that being on their best behavior is a good idea anyway.)

Oh, speaking of anniversaries, I have to go prepare for one. ūüėČ

Orchestrating Historical Repetition With A Dead Man

I will now provide a quote spoken by someone in the early nineties to demonstrate the repetition of history – partial though the recurrence may be. (Excuse the grammar errors. The speaker’s first language wasn’t English.)

“You see, the main reasons for the problems in Eastern Europe have been their big foreign debt and a lot of corruption. Romania owed lots of money to other countries, and Ceausescu decided to get rid of this debt quickly. So he shipped everything the country produced away, and in a couple of years he would actually have got rid of that foreign debt and Romania would have been very rich country.¬† He could of course have avoided building himself a palace to himself, but that’s the same the big capitalists do over here, and they have also got rich by exploiting people. Ceausescu was a very popular person before, also here in the West, and I still consider him as comrade.”

Watch the above text return to being economically current as I replace some words with others in brackets. “You see, the main reasons for the problems in [the United States] have been their big foreign debt and a lot of corruption. [America] owe[s] lots of money to other countries, and [the president] decided to get rid of the debt [slowly]. So he [instigated a sequester]” … “[The government officials, large business owners, etc.] could of course have avoided building [themselves] palace[s] to [themselves], but that’s the same the big capitalists do over here, and they have also got¬† rich by exploiting people. [Obama] was a very popular person before…”

I’ve heard that those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it. I just thought it was an interesting coincidence that we have a terrible (from the masses point of view) education system that isn’t great at teaching us much besides propaganda and that we are also kind of repeating history. It’s almost funny, but in a sad sort of way.

Quote from √ėystein Aarseth taken from the following interview: