The Necessity of Di-Polarity

In nature as in physics, things typically have something equal and opposite to themselves. Yin and Yang, man and woman, positive and negative – the world is ever balanced as it floats between fire and an ocean of nothing. Tipping the scales causes disharmony e.g. if you eliminate predators, overpopulation becomes more likely. On the other hand, if there are too many predators extinction becomes more likely. Either kind of imbalance can be dangerous. This is why we need negative things in life. How we deal with them reveals which people are the best among us as long as both sides are playing fairly. Likewise, when one side chooses not to be fair, it can become balanced if the other side makes the same choice as the first. It then evens itself out. In this way, “evil” or “badness” can be seen as just another necessity for life. Without it there would be no “goodness” because there would be nothing to compare it to, so the negative is not truly bad. They are simply two different requirements for harmonizing the equation of existence. (That does not automatically mean we have to like them.)