Directionless Youth Part II

As was preciously mentioned, modern youth is largely directionless partly on account of their lack of familial support. Relatives have become emotionally and socially distant from each other and, in doing so, have caused the younger family members some confusion and distress. Youth now looks to people such as morally-depraved celebrities and athletes for guidance because they currently lack decent role models. However, even young people who don’t look to these types for guidance may still pick someone unfit to lead them as a role model.

Maybe the person they choose instead is a friend their age who doesn’t have quite enough life experience to lead, or maybe it is a brainwashed leader of a religion bent on doing more harm than good. It could even be something as trivial and untrustworthy as a character on a television show, but in any case the end result is often largely the same. The person ends up making bad decisions or not knowing what to do in life because they didn’t have someone smart to give them good advice. In addition to this, they will probably end up listening to someone who will inevitably give them bad advice. This bad advice can come from seemingly-unlikely sources even if the person giving the advice means well.

One such “unlikely” source is the grandparents of the young person or people in question. These are members of the “Boomer Generation” – “Boomers” if you will. That single generation alone has depleted a portion of the world’s resources which is shockingly large for a single group of people to do in such a short amount of time. They have outsourced jobs to Asia for short-term profits, thereby dooming the generations following them to a lifetime of hardship and searching for employment. They have allowed and even encouraged mass immigration and race mixing, both of which have severely threatened the existence of the European race and caused disharmony in the affected nations. They have set up an economic system that allows them to take all the money they want from their children and grandchildren – one which leaves these descendants of theirs to pay off the debt they created. They played a key role in plunging the United States into the worst debt it has ever known. And yet, they claim that merely by being old they therefore have the right to tell everyone what to do whilst assuming they are right about everything (even with no evidence backing them up) and refusing to listen to anyone who disagrees with them or tries to explain how harmful their opinions and actions have been and still are.

They are wolves in sheeps’ clothing and cannot be trusted with important life decisions. This is obvious because, as we can see, they could not be trusted to run a nation either. Unfortunately, some modern young people still listen to their grandparents regarding important matters when it would be a better idea for them to trust other people – even their more distant ancestors or their own instincts. These youth assume that their grandparents know what is best simply because they have been around for a while. This assumption is incorrect and may result in more people continuing to act like Boomers throughout their lives. That likely would not end well in one way or another.

It is because of people like these ones that it is of the utmost importance for modern youth to put a large amount of effort into finding acceptable people to listen to – people who are intelligent and experienced in the workings of the world among other things. Being few in number, they are not easy to find; however, they are worth the effort as without them it is somewhat more difficult to survive and lead a good and healthy life.