Crazy Ideas

Chocolate chip cookies were invented on accident. According to legend, the baker thought the chocolate chunks would cover the cookies (when one runs out of ingredients and has to fill an order of cookies, sometimes a harebrained scheme seems logical or at least worthwhile). Said baker was wrong. The result was a happy mistake. Now we have chocolate chip cookies.

Ideas like this don’t always end happily, but they can contribute to progress either way. Coming up with crazy ideas is part of the process of inventing things. It is also part of the process of having fun for anyone who isn’t old or boring. In this case, as long as the person isn’t concerned about what harm he inflicts on himself or anyone/anything else, it is best to act before thinking so as not to be dissuaded or discouraged by logic. After all, if you’re eating goat and you break open the leg bone, you will be able to get a taste of the delicious bone marrow.

Ideas like this one aren’t always good, but they’re entertaining for everyone watching. Furthermore, they contribute to progress by teaching people the difference between good and bad ideas – both of which can be considered “crazy” depending on what they are. For example: sand + idea = computer chip? Good idea. Crazy, but good. Tying a reindeer to a sled and expecting it to actually fly? Just crazy.

People could save a lot of time if they only tried the good crazy ideas, but then we wouldn’t learn as much and we wouldn’t have as much potential for entertainment. This is why it is good to occasionally do something unusual and have it not work out. It’s a learning experience. (Unless you have short-term memory loss in which case: Chocolate chip cookies were invented on accident. According to legend blah blah blah et cetera. This legend was created partly on accident due to the fact that the person writing it ran out of ink and couldn’t go out and buy more because it was rather late at night and the stores were all closed. When the stores opened the next day, he forgot what he was going to write about and decided to leave it as it was.)