Excellent comment on Raw Story article about Shannon Gibney, the professor of hate YT

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Professor of Hate YT

aliswell @lordofthegays • 12 hours ago −
Let’s take a peek at black privilege, shall we?

Black privilege manifests itself in numerous forms:

Blacks have the right to take pride in their race. Whites don’t.

Blacks can never be racist. Whites are always racist, even if they don’t try to be.

Blacks get to play the race card. Whites don’t.

Blacks never have to feel guilty about being black. Whites are trained to feel guilty about being white.

Blacks have the right to make blacks only organizations like the Black Student Union and the Congressional Black Caucus. Whites don’t.

Blacks have the right to never take responsibility for their own actions. Anything bad which happens to a black person can be blamed on racism or white people. Whites have to take responsibility and apologize for their actions.

Rich black people have a right to be rich…

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