I don’t own a working television

If people are so annoyed by so many aspects of mainstream media and entertainment, then I don’t see why they bother with it. They could find other forms of entertainment and if they really don’t like something, then they have the option to ignore it completely instead of wasting their time with something that doesn’t matter. They could be spending time talking about real issues and trying to improve them instead of sitting around yelling at people who aren’t even there. Of course, some people are into that sort of thing, but they don’t make up the entire human population. Not everyone cares about what some fictional character did or what some “famous” stranger wore. And then when I explain to them that I don’t care, they don’t understand (and some of them give me amusing, confused looks). I, on the other hand, don’t understand how some people can find a cat fight more intellectually stimulating than Shakespeare. However, this is beside the point. What is more important is what we attempt to allow our minds to be exposed to and how we use the resulting knowledge (or lack thereof) in our daily lives. What troubles me is that some people continuously subject themselves to things that annoy them in instances when they receive virtually no benefit from the process whatsoever. It just seems pointless and strange to me.