Nostalgia and the Death of Excellence

People used to be well-rounded. They were educated on a great number of subjects and were physically fit (much more so than a lot of people today. I actually once heard that painters and sculptors in ancient Rome and Greece took average-looking people off the streets to use as models for their work, which would imply that the strong, handsome men and beautiful women we see in these paintings and sculptures were considered average in appearance at the time). They played beautiful music, participated in intellectual conversations and arguments on a regular basis, and competed to see who was the best athlete, playwright, and so on. They built incredible and beautiful structures, exceeded in the fields of math, science, and even researched natural medicines and the body’s incredible capacity for self-healing. They were beautiful, intelligent, strong, and courageous among other things. They fought bravely, face to face, like men. Modern men are so far from this well-rounded and civilized ancient people that our European ancestors almost seem like a race of gods in comparison. That is all.