Bank Accounts

I do not have a bank account, nor do I want one. People tell me it’s convenient and perfectly safe. They do not consider that it might be more convenient to actually have money on hand when paying for things instead of stressing over a piece of plastic which in reality is worth nothing. They do not consider that the lack of safety of dealing with banks, bankers, and their ilk contributed to the Great Depression, the Great Recession, or that banks seem to continuously be in need of a bailing-out from the government because they have so many problems (and when I explained this to a banker recently she simply repeated that it didn’t affect me – as if she actually thought people and banks aren’t affected by the economy!). It is neither safe nor convenient to have to wait a day or two for the bank to open because one needs to withdraw money to pay for a medical emergency (on account of having to pay a certain amount upfront at the hospital while the rest may or may not be covered by insurance). One cannot convince bankers to open their doors in such a case.

If I cannot get to my money if and when I need it, then I shouldn’t have to pay untrustworthy strangers to protect it when I can simply put the money in a safe on my own private property. Even if the bank is open, they don’t necessarily have your money. (That’s what happened during the Great Depression. People went into the banks to get their money and it just wasn’t there. The stock market played a part in it too, but the banks were still involved because that’s where the money was being held.)

Advertisements are dressed up to get individuals and families to let them hold on to their money and pay for their services – services which are not necessary in the slightest. One does not need a checking account with a big business (that’s what a bank is: a business) in order to pay bills. Money orders exist. One does not need a savings account to buy food or clothes. Cash the checks yourself, take the money you need with you, and keep the rest in a place you know is safe rather than with businessmen (for example, an actual safe).

I’ve heard it before, I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: never trust a businessman.


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  1. Agreed. Also it’s obvious that one should also avoid buying things on credit as paying interest is a Semitic innovation. And look at all the trouble it has gotten us into!

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