We can take pride in things that are lost or dead, but never in those that are forgotten. This is one of the reasons why it’s important for us to remember our history. In fact, it is so important that knowledge and historical documents should be written down or duplicated many times and stored in many different places. This helps prevent cases like the burning of the Library of Alexandria – a tragedy which caused the loss of a great deal of knowledge and a horrendous crime that should never have taken place. The internet is a nice way to prevent this from repeating itself. Naturally it is full of false information as well and we all know this. That, in and of itself, is a piece of information easier to predict than the funny cat pictures spreading across the “net”. To some extent, having to deal with this false information is worth the preservation of knowledge. My concern is that when the false information is much more prevalent than the truth, the entire process would defeat itself because the truth would become virtually impossible to find and would then eventually be forgotten. So it’s nice that we have other methods of preserving history and knowledge like books, paintings, poetry, music et cetera. But there is still disinformation in these things as well. People write false “non-fiction” and legit, actual fiction all the time. There’s a trend going on in which people are buying books in electronic form, so if the internet monopolizes the book industry and physical books became less popular then the information in these books would be harder to find because people would have to wade through a bunch of nonsense online to find anything good. The arts aren’t safe either. They are plagued by the same distractions, false information and blatant degeneracy one may easily find on the internet. These things function the same way in the arts as they do online. It all boils down to making it harder to find something good, useful, or really just anything specific that you may be looking for. It becomes similar to trying to find something in an unorganized closet: you have to dig through a bunch of trash to find what you’re looking for. If we allow this false information and degenerate art to spread unhindered, the truth will become impossible to find. The then that knowledge will be lost forever.