Early Influences

It makes the most sense throughout the world when animals act like animals and people act like people. Some parrots can learn to speak a bit, but there’s generally a noticeable divide between the two groups. However, in modern kids’ movies we can see a thorough mix of animals acting like people and people acting like animals. There is no firmly-placed wall between the two groups. An animated human can converse with inanimate objects, someone’s pet dog, a plethora of cakes, and then go swing through the trees and screech at people like an ape until a talking goose or something tells the person to calm down.

It is almost as if it is intended to desensitize the upcoming generation to the idea of humans acting like animals (or subhumans for that matter). This repulsion is currently one of the tings preventing cross-breeding between the races through the natural desire to create the best children possible – which means that having children who cannot behave in a civilized manner would not be seen as a good thing.

If the upcoming generation becomes desensitized to degenerate behavior, cross-breeding could become more likely – after it has been engraved in peoples’ minds during their childhood of course – because it removes the perception of something negative from people who probably are not the best people to mate with, thus speeding the genocide of the European man.

This is why it is becoming increasingly important for parents to keep an eye on their children and make sure they are not being influenced by anything that will negatively affect their future. But of course, this is difficult. That’s why it’s possible to block channels from televisions and websites from computers. I actually recommend getting rid of the television and having the parents and kids find outdoor activities to do together for learning and bonding time, but I understand that many people these days are unwilling to budge on the “electronic babysitter” issue. It disappoints me.


Ah, Easter… A day when we can look outside and know warmer weather is finally just around the corner. Here, there, and nearly everywhere are pictures of rabbits, eggs, flowers – basically things representing spring and fertility. It is a day which, for some people, comes with all the flowers and chocolates of Valentine’s Day, but with a bit less pressure to remember what day it is.

There is also something very opposite to this that happens on the same day. This is because it is also a day when a bunch of people of some number of Judeo-Christian religions get together and mourn someone who, for most people, is a deceased foreigner with whom they have little in common. They don’t share a culture, language, diet, et cetera.

Every year I know it’s coming, but am somehow still surprised to see the roadside signs and people trying to hand me invitations to go to their church to… Well, probably to try to convert me. I guess they do it because their church leader asked them to. It varies.

The whole thing confuses me though. The words of this person who may or may not have existed have caused so much pain – so many deaths (it raised the Black Plague death tolls through bad hygiene, libraries were burned and the knowledge therein was lost forever, European historical sites, buildings, and trees were destroyed and burned, torture and forced conversions and so on)… And still people are volunteering to spread it?

Yes. It makes no sense to me. I can understand people wanting to be good individuals and all that, but they don’t have to stand behind this person to be good. No one has to stand behind anyone to be good and it’s far more impressive when a good person is capable of standing alone.

For that matter, when a good person does something good in the name of someone who is actually bad, the bad person gets credit for doing that good thing. This makes it easier for this bad person to deceive more people into thinking that he or she is good. Then more people may start standing behind this person and continue building a false “good” front so the person can continue doing bad things. It it counter-productive for people who want to be good.

In the spirit if non-counter-productivity, I will then not be celebrating “Easter” this year. I will instead celebrate spring, life, family, love, tiny fluffy animals and so on. Not a dead guy. Spring is the season to cultivate life over death. Not the other way around.