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Please don’t mistake the following for some sort of Communistic rant, but I’m so damn sick of favoritism lately. I don’t mean normal favoritism though – that’s natural and logical. I mean the racist favoritism perpetrated and funded by European governments (it happens in America too, but Europeans have no business being in the Americas anyway on account of the fact that it belongs to the Native Americans). According to these European governments, every group that isn’t white is a minority – even though whites are actually a minority now – and therefore all non-white groups must be given special treatment to even out some sort of  “oppression” invented as an excuse to justify the differences in abilities and levels of success between different races even though these differences, fairly constant as they are within their racial guidelines, are average differences which are genetic in origin and which occur completely naturally.

Of course the European governments don’t want to admit that these differences are genetic because they think it’s “racist”. They’re basically implying that your race determines your genes which in turn determine the peculiarities of different groups. One might sound more sensible in saying that one’s genes determine both of these things on account of the fact that race is dependant on genetics (although the subcultures of the different races are also influenced by nurture – I’ll give ya that).

Although my main concern regarding the racist favoritism of the European governments is not how much or how little sense it makes. No – my main concern is that by giving special treatment to non-white people in response to the imaginary oppression (and a few people may even perceive it), the European governments are actually creating oppression themselves by not allowing white people to succeed and prosper and, for example, forcing less-skilled non-white people to take the jobs of more-skilled whites or by having college scholarships exclusively for non-whites to create more diversity in the name of Affirmative Action.

It’s kind of ironic, but mostly an annoying exercise of favoritism.

They won’t even let white people have exclusive groups in which only white people are allowed (and the American government may in some cases force Latinos and Jews to be deemed “white” just to be sure some diversity slips in, even though we know that both groups have been too mongrelized to qualify as such). The Asians can have their little groups and clubs in which only Asians are allowed, the Africans can have their little groups and clubs in which only Africans are allowed, the Jews can have their own little groups and clubs in which only Jews are allowed, but European people are forbidden from having groups and clubs in which only Europeans are allowed because it’s “racist” and “unfair to the other groups” (and of course I mean European in the genetic sense).

Well isn’t it racist and unfair when the other groups do it? Of course it is. The Europeans are just the only ones getting stamped as “racist”.

As an example, I’m part Swedish and if I wanted to start up a group for other people who were either part or totally Swedish to study Swedish culture or history or something like that and the government found out, that group would be shut down and I would probably be publicly denounced as a “racist” (and they would of course conveniently forget that some mongrels are part Swedish too). If I were a man they might also accuse me of being a terrorist and throw me in jail for trying to start a “hate group”.

So I can listen all I want to lies and old war propaganda about how supposedly terrible my German ancestors were, but I can’t get together with other part-Swedish people to study the Swedish ones? Nope. Something positive might be said and according to the governments, saying positive things about Europeans is racist and oppressing to the non-whites – but that only applies to positive things about Europeans.

So the other groups get all the support, college scholarships, and free stuff they want, but not wanting genocide* to be carried out against the European people, cultures, languages, religion and so on is “racist”? So basically the European governments think it is racist to not support the genocide of the European people even though the genocide of a racial group is, in itself, racist…


*I know this word sounds very harsh, but they actually do support race-mixing to cause the extinction of pure whites and killing an entire group of people is genocide. As a few examples they put propaganda posters in schools promoting mixed-race relationships and offspring and advertisements – or what amounts to them – on television and in movies promoting the same. Some people have mentioned it in speeches as well and I’ll try to find some videos about it later if I can. (Updated again: video below)

Until then, support for genocide through race-mixing has been reported to have been stated in a French courtroom (people are going to be unhappy no matter how I word that) by the organizations LICRA and SOS Racism, and this support of genocide is being used as an excuse to sue someone on the basis of false evidence invented and modified specifically to sue this man. So, no video, but you can have this link for the time being: http://thuleanperspective.com/2014/06/05/shalom-shekel/


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  1. What you say is very true. I recommend you visit White GeNocide Project’s website from time to time for very relevant info. I also wrote about this problem recently, while covering some other stuff. And I don’t think you’re being harsh at all here – in fact, you’re being very mild, considering what’s going on. People should wake up to this, and soon.

    • frozenotter says:

      Sometimes I speak or write using mild language because I’m afraid that being overly aggressive will make people on the fence tune me out. I was even hesitant to include the bad word near the beginning…

      But anyway, I will remember the check that website. Thanks.

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