Excuses Don’t Excuse Part II

So, as I was saying, women would rather not behave as traditionally as they did back in the day – either because they don’t want to or because they think they can’t, probably because of some schedule issue. I will touch on both reasons.

Firstly, concerning the women who don’t want to behave traditionally:

Far too many women who want to try to be “modern” have an incorrect idea of what women did and what life used to be like in the past. They have been lied to and tricked into believing that life used to be horrible for women – that we used to only be objects used for housework, childcare, and tending gardens, that we were not educated or even literate. Then these women trust the people who are telling them these things because of a naturally good nature.

Europeans are just so good that it’s difficult for us to imagine that a person or group of people would lie to us to cause us harm because it isn’t in our nature to do that sort of thing. Even coming from foreigners with different cultural backgrounds we commonly trust them, not thinking that having different backgrounds culturally, nationally, religiously, racially and so on might mean that we would have different needs and desires as a people (for example: we can eat beef in Europe without anyone thinking twice about it, but I believe they have some different rules and guidelines in India where I’ve heard cows are considered to be sacred). But I’m getting distracted again.

So these women are misled into believing into that life used to be so terrible for us. They don’t want to have a terrible life, so some women choose to rebel by choosing the extreme-leftist lifestyle that is promoted today by the same culturally and racially different people who told us life used to be so bad. It’s basically an advertisement for a lifestyle. Other ads convince you that something is wrong, but it can be fixed by buying this or that product. This propaganda advertisement convinces people that the traditional lifestyle – which 99% of people have followed for 99% of the time – is bad or defective in some way and that if they align themselves with the complete opposite of the thing that’s been proven to work, their lives will be better somehow. No one really specifies how, but they like to advertise a fictional Asian paradise as a potential reward.

So they say women were objects and weren’t educated or allowed the same freedom as men to make traditionalism seem undesirable.

They say women couldn’t even vote, but back in the day only married men could vote and the husband’s vote counted for both him and his wife because her opinions and thoughts went into the decision for the both of them, meaning that both the husband and wife were voting.

They say women weren’t educated, but they only think they can get away with saying that because men and women were educated in different ways and on different things. A desirable wife was one who had the intelligence and skill to do things like consistently win arguments or play the most beautiful music in the town on a piano or some other instrument. She was skilled and intelligent in other ways of course, but that’s just a couple of them. In this way her mind was important – not just her appearance. Of course it helped for her to look healthy and fertile, but that wasn’t such a problem back then as good health and fertility occurs naturally with a proper healthy lifestyle in normal humans (fertility was seen as beauty at the time in contrast with the modern belief that anorexia, plastic surgery and makeup make you beautiful).

Furthermore, they say not only that women weren’t actively educated, but that women were prevented from receiving an education. Mothers taught and still teach their children things they will need to know as they grow up. Someone who had been purposely prevented from receiving an education couldn’t possibly educate others like traditional women educated their children, so obviously they weren’t purposely kept “dumbed-down” to make “better wives”. And how, I ask you, would a woman being too stupid to help her husband, house and family make her a “better wife”? It wouldn’t. Plain and simple.

They say women only stayed in the house and took care of the children or the garden, completely overlooking the role women played in the European religion. As evidence that women were productive members of society, I give you this link: http://thuleanperspective.com/2013/02/08/the-apples-of-eternal-youth/ As we can see from this, they had roles in the European religion and society outside of the home, rather than being cooped up inside all day as the propaganda would have you believe. Naturally they did things inside to help the household as well like cooking and cleaning (which I will point out are two things that women and men still have to do), but they did far more than rumors say and were not simply two-dimensional beings.

So, as I said before, these “modern” women have simply been misled with propaganda and false advertising.

Concerning the women who have some schedule issue they believe would prevent them from a more traditional lifestyle (not necessarily very traditional, but close enough for them to believe the change to be noteworthy):

Schedules may or may not be changeable and some things may or may not be able to be dropped or added depending on your exact lifestyle, desired changes, and overall situation. The point is not to replicate as closely as you can the way people used to live, and doing so isn’t even an option for most if not everyone these days. If you have traditional morals and values and live according to them as best you can, that’s great.

If it’s impractical for you to stop using a car and use a more environmentally-friendly bicycle, then you don’t have to sell your car. Although, you can consider carpooling.

If you don’t own a farm big enough to grow and/or raise all the food you need, you don’t have to buy one. You can have a little garden, buy food from local farmers, go to a grocery store or do some combination of these three that works for you.

If you and your husband both have to work to support the household, you don’t have to quit your job and start homeschooling your kids full-time when you can either hire a trustworthy person to do it for you or, if necessary, send them to public school and give them supplementary education at home yourself to make sure they know the things you consider to be important.

You don’t have to do everything traditionally. Just have good traditional morals and live as best you can in accordance with them in an attempt to be a good person with a good life and a good family.

So if your schedule doesn’t allow you to live as traditionally as you want, that’s fine. Just do what you can.

Sensible Preparedness

Tomorrow. It isn’t especially pleasant to think about. Some people stress out over small things that will happen like a test in a hard class or having to wake up early to work more, whereas some other people have more of a tendency to worry about large, serious things that might happen like a nuclear holocaust. But it doesn’t really matter whether people stress over petty or serious things as long as they’re prepared – both for things they know will happen and for things that might happen. It’s like learning First Aid. It’s better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it. So even if a giant catastrophe doesn’t happen today or tomorrow, it’s still a good idea to have some supplies just in case it does. And if it never happens, you can use candles during a power outage, to save electricity, or for some atmosphere during dinner. If there’s a bear wandering around outside your house or you just forgot to go grocery shopping, you can eat some of the dried or canned food you have in storage. It isn’t at all strange or crazy to be prepared. It’s just common sense. So even if you don’t think the government will collapse or a nuclear holocaust might happen, it couldn’t hurt to be prepared just in case. As they say, it is better to be safe than to be sorry.

Excuses Don’t Excuse

1: I don’t want to get fat.

2: My private life will be gone and I won’t have any more ME time.

3: I just don’t want to… *pout*

4: I don’t have time for that sort of thing, and isn’t that a little old-fashioned anyway? You sound like my grandmother.

5: I’m a modern woman and we don’t have to do that anymore.

All of these are terrible excuses other women give or have given me for not wanting to get married and have children. It’s as if they think having kids will instantly make them old, ugly and useless as a member of society, and on top of that it’s horribly selfish. I can’t understand why someone would want to try to refrain from gaining the wisdom and life experience that comes with growing older when they’re going to get older anyway. But as I was saying:

1: You won’t get fat. You’ll get pregnant. There’s a difference. Even if you keep some of the weight after giving birth, women are supposed to have a higher percentage of body fat than men so you’ll be fine.

2: How much of a private life to you have now? You post everything you do, think, say, listen to, eat and so on to some page on the internet which everyone can read. Your life is very much public and by shunning the husband and children you could have you’re only providing yourself the opportunity to be lonely up until you choke to death because no one was around to save you.

3: You just don’t want to? Are you freaking kidding me?! You sound like a toddler. You are an adult and as such are expected to think and act like one. You may very well be registered to vote and if you are I hope you put more thought into who or what you vote for than you did into saying that. Act your age like a sane and intelligent human being would.

4: Yes it’s old-fashioned. Or you could very well call it traditional. Either way, 99% of people have been what you call “old-fashioned” 99% of the time because it works. It keeps everything running properly and the result is a decrease in the things I regularly hear you complaining about. Furthermore, I don’t have a tendency to concern myself with who or what you think I sound like. This is partly because it’s completely irrelevant, but also because you’ve yet to earn my respect.

5: Of course you would say that if you’re modern. And technically women didn’t used to have to act like adults either. But they did because that’s what it is to deal with life as it comes to you: it’s acting like an adult. They didn’t give excuses or complain about not wanting to as if they were a bunch of children. They just did what they had to do and one of the things they had to do was to make sure their bloodline had a future so their tribe, state, et cetera could survive. If none of them had done that, none of us would be here and neither would the technology you’re using to read this.

5.1: On a loosely-related subject: are you sure you want to describe yourself as a modern woman knowing that modern women like to do things like go outside wearing almost no clothes, get drunk in public, have promiscuous intercourse with complete strangers, buy and use drugs (I’m going to go ahead and include cigarettes in that because they’re disgusting), swear like sailors, cover themselves in clown-like tattoos and piercings (not to mention the three pounds of face makeup), and make other terrible decisions like voting people into government positions when they aren’t qualified in some way, taking sub-prime bank loans for things they can’t afford because a “modern” woman can “support herself” and helping to cause the economy to collapse in doing so, race-mixing or sterilizing her bloodline out of existence and so on? Are you really sure you want to paint yourself in that light?

You choose selfishness over ensuring – by your own oversight and teachings – that the future could be better and brighter. You deprive your nation of the possibility of a sufficient number of people capable enough to run it properly. You condemn your family to be forgotten forever either because you’re putting off the inevitable due to your irrational fears, or because you have for some reason deemed that your family deserves to die (and what did they do I wonder? Probably nothing). You choose pettiness, vanity, and eternal death over the light the future could have.

It’s so selfish and self-loving… The entire thing is irrational. It makes me wonder…

You, childless European women, do you think it is European of you to choose death over life? Even when your ancestors fought so hard to ensure that you could be alive right now? Would you have all their hard work be for nothing? Would you have the blood they spilled put to waste? Do you do anything to help your people? Or do you sit around all day rotting like a living corpse because you wish to be a mannequin?

You are not a mannequin.

You will never be a mannequin.

Live and do something productive.