The original European religion differed from the modern mockeries and poisons and whatnot in more than one way, one of those being that time was seen as being something circular rather than linear. By the time Judaism and its offspring religions came into existence, there were enough people who had blood mixed enough that entire groups of people had difficulty understanding concepts like “eternity” or their position in the universe.

These same people also had difficulty understanding the European religion. It had become more and more complicated over time and more people were living in cities instead of small tribes. Had they still been living in those tribes they could’ve obtained positions and purposes in the European religion, thereby making it more personal to them, but in time there were too many people living in one place at one time for everyone to have a part in it. So they felt distanced and maybe a little confused.

Then this new foreign thing was introduced to them. It seemed simpler: you prayed to one desert deity and your sins were magically forgiven. This was quite different from having multiple deities based on things like animals, plants and so on, and in the European religion one’s “sins” couldn’t be “forgiven” at all. If you murdered someone you were a murderer. If you stole something you were a thief. Then you were punished accordingly. People couldn’t say they were suddenly a good person just because they mumbled a prayer to a dead man.

In addition to this facade of an “easy” religion and “easy forgiveness”, the foreign religion also introduced the idea that time was linear. They were either unable or unwilling to see the circular patterns of life and nature like less-mixed or unmixed people (e.g. Neanderthals) did at the time. Because of this, they came to the conclusion that time moves in a straight line which has a beginning and an end. They saw the plant grow and wither, but they didn’t see the almost identical plants continue the life cycle after the seeds fell from the former plant if you see what I mean.

Then they started making threats to have people tortured forever… But that can’t happen if time is linear because that would include this chunk of time right now. Actually it couldn’t happen if time were circular either because it would have to include the entirety of all the “circles” and, again, that would include this chunk of time right now.

Yet, some people are still afraid to leave these religions because they’re afraid of being punished when they’re dead. It presumably seems perfectly logical to them to fear something they’ve been taught to fear since they were very young, so that’s what they do. Sometimes this is despite any and all logic to the contrary that they may come across. This is one point at which fear stops being a useful tool for survival and starts hurting people – particularly the ones who would much rather be thinking and doing things other than what they don’t like or disagree with.

Other times they just don’t want to leave because their family has followed this-or-that religion for X number of years. They choose instead to put their hearts into foreign things, not thinking about how their family followed the European religion first and for many more years than they did their current religion (which was most likely forced upon them).

It’s almost like one of those experiments in which someone puts a rat in a box with two buttons. One gives the rat food and the other shocks it. (The Skinner Box… that’s what I was thinking of.) Then if the effects of the buttons were swapped so the food button now shocks it instead of giving it food and the shock button now gives it food instead of a shock, one can assume the rat would avoid what is now the food button because it has been conditioned to believe that it will receive an electric shock if it presses that button.

The rat has been conditioned to not engage in a specific behavior – in this case pushing the shock button – so it no longer does it. These people were trained away from their natural European religion and no longer practice it because they are no longer used to it. They are now used to a foreign religion instead. They do not try both buttons and they either sit there or run around the box aimlessly or whatever it is confused rats do because they no longer know the correct course of action they are to take to obtain sustenance and life. They might not actually follow the religion in real life anymore and prefer to instead be a member of that religion on paper. And they still don’t want to leave it. They’d rather play make-believe forever.