Many libraries containing great stores of knowledge were burned in the past by Judeo-Christians. That knowledge will never be recovered and we’ve lost a lot of useful information because of these traitorous religious zealots. Unfortunately the growth and usefulness of modern libraries has slowed more and more lately.

In the one I visit regularly the non-fiction section is rather small and most of the books therein contain completely useless information. I can find far more books about faeries, ghost hunting and random religious trash in the non-fiction section than I can find about things like history, foreign languages or how to survive in the wilderness. I looked over there just now to confirm to my eyes what I just wrote and it is accurate. That crap is in the non-fiction section and it does outweigh the non-crap.

It’s appalling. I have no interest in learning how to psychically read the thoughts of dead dogs or whatever some of these loons are into these days. Of course it’s a public library so I can understand how my opinions don’t have much weight in the matter, but the non-fiction section is still full of fiction and crap.

To remedy the issue of the declining use and usefulness of modern libraries it is necessary for people to start archiving more useful information. Our ancestors must’ve done this because otherwise those libraries wouldn’t have existed in the first place. It is as simple as purchasing the right books or writing down useful information (“write down” as with pen and paper – electronic archives can disappear or be hacked and corrupted). With this accumulated knowledge people could very well choose to create their own libraries or write their own books. Then people could help each other learn useful things with their archives and we wouldn’t have to worry about libraries as much.