Regarding Foreigners (Updated)

Responsible use of the criminal justice system would result in reforming criminals rather than hardening them and making them more criminal than they were before. A few criminals would get the death penalty every now and then if their crimes were severe enough to make sure they didn’t end up leeching off society from inside a prison or mental institution for the rest of their lives. In addition, foreign criminals should be deported back to their homelands and banned from entering the country/state ever again. This ensures that they cannot cause further trouble in that foreign land. It also allows them to be handled by their own people rather than becoming a burden on what they would perceive as foreigners, and in this manner it would be much kinder to the nation they were/are visiting and in which they have broken the law – which, these days, is probably one which can’t afford to take proper care of it’s own people (especially without accumulating debt or more of it) – much less a bunch of foreigners who don’t follow rules. Let their own nations and homelands take care of them! These foreigners shouldn’t be allowed to come into other peoples’ homelands and break their laws and enforce their own culture on the native inhabitants. Everyone is entitled to their own homeland and when these foreigners invade and behave this way it deprives the natives of their homeland as it should be. Then if these unwanted foreigners and their ways are imposed on the natives enough, it completely destroys the place and may very well – and quite easily with so-called “charity” – result in these foreigners over-populating to the point where all of the native inhabitants become extinct and no one of that sort can ever claim that place as their motherland ever again. At that point it would have been entirely overtaken by foreigners forever. The lawless degenerates would be completely incapable of keeping the high standard of living of the people they killed (or, in some cases, blatantly murdered). The land itself would run wild with no one of proper intelligence and skill to tend to it and the degenerates would run around like a bunch of savages stealing, killing, and so on. All because a bunch of foreigners were imported and/or allowed to live in a place that wasn’t theirs. It was genocide when it was done to the Native Americans and it’s genocide when Asians, Middle Easterners, Jews, other mixed-race people and Africans do it to Europeans now. Too many people are too concerned with a person’s citizenship to care about blood. They don’t understand that if someone of European blood moves to Europe it doesn’t make a difference, but that if someone with African or Asian blood moves to Europe it destroys Europe. They have their own homelands! They don’t need to be going to a place where they don’t belong. Even if they’re escaping from war it still isn’t a good excuse. Cowardice should never be rewarded and there are other places on their own continent  that they could escape to without having to invade other peoples’ space. Other times there is the excuse that they were born in a certain place, so that’s their homeland. NO. Do I claim ownership of the hospital in which I was born just because I was born there? No. Your blood tells you what your homeland is. If your ancestors were European by blood, your blood is mostly Neanderthal and you are European regardless of where you live or where you were born. If your ancestors were African by blood, your blood is mostly Homo sapiens and you are African regardless of where you live or where you were born. If your ancestors were Asian by blood, your blood is mostly Denisova and you are Asian regardless of where you live or where you were born.

Update: I took out a few lines at the end because whenever I read them I worried it might seem as if I was degrading people to the level of cattle. The point I was trying to make was that we all deserve our own homelands and that living in each others’ territories was badly impacting all of the gene pools involved. Living in close proximity with other races negatively impacts the ability of each individual race to survive because it goes hand in hand with race-mixing, which takes two or more bloodlines per couple out of each race. Then everyone loses someone and the results are confused and depressed people who don’t feel they have anywhere they belong because they are no longer a member of any race. Apart from that, if enough race-mixing occurs or if it goes on long enough and the mixed genes spread throughout the different gene pools, the individual races would all become extinct and we’d only be left with one diseased, visually unappealing, mongrel creature with an inadequate IQ to sustain the standard of living to which people in first-world countries are currently accustomed. It wouldn’t work out well for anyone.

P.S. On the subject of cattle, if anyone wanted to be reminded of what fraction of one kind of blood a cow has to have for farmers to consider it to be purebred, it is 31/32. Additionally, if that purebred cow is allowed to mate with a bull, his DNA will supposedly impact her in such a way that if she mates with another bull afterward the resulting calf/calves will only partly belong to the second bull. I don’t remember the word for it unfortunately.