How to Filter and Purify Rain Water for Home Use

Operation Werwolf

If you’re interested in becoming self-sufficient, one of the first steps you’ll have to make is to make sure you have enough drinkable, clean water for everyday use.

Even if you own a well or rely on a municipal water supply, you should still make sure that you have an alternative source. One such source is rain water. After you filter and purify it, it’ll be fine to drink and to use in any other way – cleaning, dish-washing, bathing, watering plants etc. What’s more – municipal water supplies very often contain chemicals you certainly don’t want, thus it should be filtered before consumption as well.

The purity of water determines your health. It’s actually the only fluid your body needs – when you drink it, make sure the water is filtered and purified before consumption or even before using it as bath water.

Here’s how:

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