The Howling Feminists

“Hate speech”, they yell at the top of their lungs,

“Sexual dimorphism can’t exist!”

It fools not the wise with cleverer tongues,

And these erroneous words are dismissed


“Men are pigs and dogs!” they screech just like birds

“It is harassment to flirt with a girl!”

(But still they like hearing nice speech and words,

To be called “angel” or “beautiful pearl”)


But take their own words, turn them on their heads,

Address them like the b*****s that they are,

And the hypocrites will start seeing red

(They don’t like feeling how their insults mar)


No one knows how they want to be treated

No one can open a door to be kind

Pull out a chair for them to be seated,

They’ll kick you in your chivalrous behind


Men remain silent while feminists chant

Always polite, never angry or mean

Respectable people don’t rave or rant-

These men are neither violent, nor obscene


Examples of polite disagreement,

Quietly with an almost earthen calm,

They let feminists tire of maltreatment

Rather than striking them with open palm


When the women’s throats are tired and sore

The men still stand with their logic at hand

Clearly the one easier to adore

Is not the screaming loony, but the MAN