I haven’t been in the mood to write a real post lately, so here’s a list. It’s got commentary.

Books, Poems, Et Cetera To Read:

-Virgil: The Aeneid

-Homer: The Iliad

-Homer: The Odyssey (read them in that order: the Iliad and then the Odyssey)

-The Poetic Edda

-The Prose Edda (“But frozenotter, aren’t those the same thing?” I don’t care! One tries to keep more of the rhyming of the original poems while still trying to retain the original meaning and the other one still tries to retain the meaning. They’re both translated from another language anyway so read them both in case one or the other skimps on something. If you find more Eddas read those too.)

-Beowulf (this one: ) (“Why?” Because it’s old. Maybe you’ll be able to find a copy in an antique shop that was printed by someone who considered language to be an art form. Anyone who doesn’t know what that means will when they see it.)

-Throw in some Shakespeare for fun and language practice. It’s always nice to include a vocabulary-builder.

Subjects To Study:

-wilderness survival

-First Aid (I’ve been posting notes on this on Mondays lately. Those posts can be found by clicking on the “Notes” category in the sidebar on the left. You should really be studying more than two points a week though.)

-foreign languages (German and English are both very common. So is Chinese, but technically that’s because there are so many people in China. Therefore you probably don’t need to learn it unless you’re going there. Definitely learn French if you’re going to France. If you’re looking to impress people: learn Finnish. It looks nearly impossible, but it sounds so pretty!)

-geography and climates (plus the connection between the two)





-gardening/farming (remember crop rotation)

-leadership (because there isn’t much point in studying oration if you don’t have a plan in the first place. Apart from that, you’ll want to sound confident in situations where confidence is necessary. No one wants to be stranded in the wilderness with someone who sounds like they have no idea what they’re doing.)