Fashion or Slow Death?

There are two kinds of gorillas. Scientists debate about whether they should be considered two distinct species because they’re so genetically dissimilar. However, the difference between their genetic codes is a fraction of the difference between the genetic codes of European and African humans. Therefore, if the gorillas are two different species based on this percentage of genetic difference, then that would automatically mean that Europeans are a different species from Africans. One might argue that in dogs, mutts are healthier than purebreds. They assume this applies to humans as well, but they fail to take into account the following: dogs are all the same species and breeds namely came about through interbreeding (=incest), so the purebreds exhibit more diseases because the interbreeding makes it more likely for these recessive genes to surface. The mutt is then healthier because those recessive genes have a harder time finding the copies of themselves that would allow them to surface. This works out alright when fixing inbred populations of a single species, but the concept can’t be applied to mixing Europeans with Africans because we are not the same species. The mixing of species (rather than breeds) results in problems with things like growth, metabolism, temperament, fertility and so on. Naturally this means that creating something like a European-African mixed-race person, a liger or a tigon will simply create more problems for the mixed individuals – as well as for the population – without actually providing solutions to perceived problems (and by “perceived problems” I mean “imaginary problems”). If Europeans and Africans are two different species, as has been previously suggested, then introducing the genes of one into the gene pool of the other would slow down, stop, or negatively alter the process of evolution entirely. Nature tries to create perfect organisms through the process of natural selection. This makes organisms better suited for their environment and when a (pick one: racial hybrid, mongrel, mulatto) is created it means there now exists a physically unhealthy individual who isn’t suited for any environment. They will then have difficulty doing things like making friends (they have to pick a race to identify with and face getting rejected by those people) or with getting transplants (these are very difficult even under normal circumstances and need to be as close to the patient/recipient as possible both genetically and age-wise) in addition to the health problems mentioned earlier. So all the time, effort and money that went into creating an adult human results in a genetically deficient individual with health problems and identity issues. I’ve also heard from some of these people that being race-mixed is quite distressing for them. They don’t know who they are and they don’t look like anything… The creation of such unhappiness and the infliction of it on unwilling people is a truly sick modern fashion trend. What will these people tell their kids when they grow up? “Mommy/Daddy just exists because it was fashionable to create mongrels at the time. That’s also why you have diabetes instead of friends.” The kids would probably cry.

The Questions of Strangers

“You should go to college. You should go to college.”

Blah blah blah.

“Are you going back to school?”


“Why you not going back to school?”

“Because it’s a joke of a propaganda feedbag that isn’t guaranteed to give me a career that will make me capable of paying off the tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt I would be in and I don’t want to be a debt slave my whole life. Apart from that, I could end up spending all that money on a degree only to find out after getting it that my only job options suck.”

“Ah, you should go back to school!”

I haven’t been having this conversation very much for at least a year now, but I was just thinking back on it and laughing about the kinds of people I was having it with. They would fall into one of two categories: people paid to advertise going “back to school”, as they like to phrase it, or immigrants who were rich enough to come here and start their own business (always a restaurant) without having actually been to college themselves. I understand that the first group would be advertising something to me if someone is paying them, but the latter group makes absolutely no sense.

Rather than taking their own advice, they chose to start their own small businesses and become entrepreneurs.  So if they aren’t going “back to school” and choose to focus on work instead, how can they expect me to listen to what they’re saying? They don’t take their own advice, so why should I? Besides, if I feel like going “back to school”, then I will consider it. It isn’t a lack of information or options either. I am aware of how this decision affects my life’s outcome and if I want to change it later I will do so. The one thing I don’t want to do is allow random strangers to take charge of my life.

I refuse to do things simply because someone told me to. I need a reason.


300000. That’s the maximum estimated number of Turks impaled by Vlad Țepeș, also sometimes referred to as “The Impaler” due to the forests of impaled corpses people would find. He and his brother Radu had been forced to live with the Turks in their younger days and they knew their language fluently as a result. And while they were rude to Vlad, the Turks rather liked his little brother, who they called “The Handsome”. So they were scolding the elder brother for every little thing (because he was “defiant” and “impudent”) while doting on the younger. I don’t have any younger siblings, so I can only imagine how annoying it must be when this happens to people. These conditions may have even been bad enough to kill his emotions. Kids aren’t born killers you see. They’re born with a genetic predisposition to be that way and the combination of genetics and environmental factors either turns that behavior on or lets it stay dormant. It was only after this behavior took hold that the Turks taught Vlad how to impale people. They were supposedly able to determine when his emotions died because he’d be sitting at the table eating dinner surrounded by all these screaming, dying people, and he didn’t really react to it (but that could just be legend). It wasn’t until he was a bit older that he started using this knowledge against the people who taught it to him. This happened because the Turks wanted him to pay a tribute to them. He didn’t want to because that would’ve been the equivalent of a public acceptance of Wallachia, his nation and home, as a part of the Ottoman Empire. So, to protect his home, culture, and people, he turned against the people who killed his emotions and taught him brutality.

So what we can learn from this story is as follows: when someone is beaten down again and again, all that will result is them learning how to turn around and do the same. It doesn’t matter if you try to turn someone into a heartless beast because they will still be loyal to their people.

We could also look at this type of situation with more modern eyes. The fields of politics, justice, education, entertainment and so on are heavily populated by Jews in that a notably larger percent of these groups are made of Jewish people than the percent of Jewish people you would find in the average population. These groups include propaganda as a part of their existence. This might seem nice for some groups like immigrants and homosexuals, but at the same time it can make other people feel bad for not deviating from the norm. This is when you’ll see kids coming home from school crying because they’re not gay and when you’ll see so-called “white” teens trying to act “black” and shunning their own culture and heritage because these lifestyles are the things that are supported and praised today. Sure everyone likes to be loved and accepted, but that doesn’t mean that’s the way it should be. If weak and immoral people were as loved and accepted as normal people in the past, civilization would’ve collapsed ages ago. Even though people can say when something makes them uncomfortable, you can’t give a megaphone to only the deviants and “minorities” because it isn’t fair to the normal people. It only serves to beat down perfectly decent human beings. When people are beaten down again and again, the only thing they learn is how to turn around and do it back. Following that course of logic, it wouldn’t be unusual to assume that all the race-mixing propaganda, white bashing, hetero bashing, and generally praising deviance could very well spark some sort of revolution. If the deviants supposedly have a right to exist and be themselves, then Europeans have the right to stay European, to keep European morals and languages, to keep the European cultures and traditions, and to keep being and looking European. Not African. Not Asian. Not mongrel creatures. Not anything else. Just European. One cannot bestow a peaceful stagnant existence only on “minorities”. We have the right to live and be ourselves too.