The Questions of Strangers

“You should go to college. You should go to college.”

Blah blah blah.

“Are you going back to school?”


“Why you not going back to school?”

“Because it’s a joke of a propaganda feedbag that isn’t guaranteed to give me a career that will make me capable of paying off the tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt I would be in and I don’t want to be a debt slave my whole life. Apart from that, I could end up spending all that money on a degree only to find out after getting it that my only job options suck.”

“Ah, you should go back to school!”

I haven’t been having this conversation very much for at least a year now, but I was just thinking back on it and laughing about the kinds of people I was having it with. They would fall into one of two categories: people paid to advertise going “back to school”, as they like to phrase it, or immigrants who were rich enough to come here and start their own business (always a restaurant) without having actually been to college themselves. I understand that the first group would be advertising something to me if someone is paying them, but the latter group makes absolutely no sense.

Rather than taking their own advice, they chose to start their own small businesses and become entrepreneurs.  So if they aren’t going “back to school” and choose to focus on work instead, how can they expect me to listen to what they’re saying? They don’t take their own advice, so why should I? Besides, if I feel like going “back to school”, then I will consider it. It isn’t a lack of information or options either. I am aware of how this decision affects my life’s outcome and if I want to change it later I will do so. The one thing I don’t want to do is allow random strangers to take charge of my life.

I refuse to do things simply because someone told me to. I need a reason.