Fashion or Slow Death?

There are two kinds of gorillas. Scientists debate about whether they should be considered two distinct species because they’re so genetically dissimilar. However, the difference between their genetic codes is a fraction of the difference between the genetic codes of European and African humans. Therefore, if the gorillas are two different species based on this percentage of genetic difference, then that would automatically mean that Europeans are a different species from Africans. One might argue that in dogs, mutts are healthier than purebreds. They assume this applies to humans as well, but they fail to take into account the following: dogs are all the same species and breeds namely came about through interbreeding (=incest), so the purebreds exhibit more diseases because the interbreeding makes it more likely for these recessive genes to surface. The mutt is then healthier because those recessive genes have a harder time finding the copies of themselves that would allow them to surface. This works out alright when fixing inbred populations of a single species, but the concept can’t be applied to mixing Europeans with Africans because we are not the same species. The mixing of species (rather than breeds) results in problems with things like growth, metabolism, temperament, fertility and so on. Naturally this means that creating something like a European-African mixed-race person, a liger or a tigon will simply create more problems for the mixed individuals – as well as for the population – without actually providing solutions to perceived problems (and by “perceived problems” I mean “imaginary problems”). If Europeans and Africans are two different species, as has been previously suggested, then introducing the genes of one into the gene pool of the other would slow down, stop, or negatively alter the process of evolution entirely. Nature tries to create perfect organisms through the process of natural selection. This makes organisms better suited for their environment and when a (pick one: racial hybrid, mongrel, mulatto) is created it means there now exists a physically unhealthy individual who isn’t suited for any environment. They will then have difficulty doing things like making friends (they have to pick a race to identify with and face getting rejected by those people) or with getting transplants (these are very difficult even under normal circumstances and need to be as close to the patient/recipient as possible both genetically and age-wise) in addition to the health problems mentioned earlier. So all the time, effort and money that went into creating an adult human results in a genetically deficient individual with health problems and identity issues. I’ve also heard from some of these people that being race-mixed is quite distressing for them. They don’t know who they are and they don’t look like anything… The creation of such unhappiness and the infliction of it on unwilling people is a truly sick modern fashion trend. What will these people tell their kids when they grow up? “Mommy/Daddy just exists because it was fashionable to create mongrels at the time. That’s also why you have diabetes instead of friends.” The kids would probably cry.