Presumed Prerogative & Destined Fulfillment

The Meandering Thoughts of a Misplaced European

What is the most important thing in your life? Is it wealth? Is it popularity? Is it fashion? Is it a hobby? Is it personal security? For many people these are leading factors in their lives that shape how they act and what they believe in. These are the most important for quite a few also. It also forms an integral part in why they are motivated. Of course, some of these things are very important for a life of happiness and comfort. We would all like to be seen well by others and have a reputable image. We would all like to spend time doing the things we are impassioned about. We desire to be in the company of others who think alike, behave the same, agree with us and otherwise are of a similar disposition like us. Consequently though, these singular entities in our lives can preoccupy us…

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