Abortion and Reproductive Rates

Originally this was longer, but I decided I didn’t need to give so many examples of unhappy children or broken families. Now the post does a much better job of, as some people say, “cutting right to the good stuff”.



You’ve no doubt seen those advertisements presented to us by followers of Judeo-Christian religions (of course…) showing happy families with kids that have things wrong with them (no fingers, missing a chromosome, schizophrenic, and so on) despite any evidence anyone apart from me has seen that would suggest the contrary – the families are not happy.  They are burdened and broken.

It isn’t even a matter of pro-choice vs. pro-life because the primary reason for the choice should be whether it’s a healthy baby that will grow up to be happy. (Stay tuned for the mathematical logic of why it shouldn’t be an option to abort healthy European kids.) If it’s missing a chromosome or something then, sure, give the mother the choice, but we have to look at which kinds of babies should be given the option or not beyond that.

For example, so-called “black” people have many children per family. The family has one mother and multiple fathers often enough that I’m not even going to bother looking that up. Contrariwise, European families have one mother, one father, and one or two kids. It used to be about two and a half kids per “white” family, but that number has dropped a bit since I was a kid. So let’s do a bit of hypothetical math here.

We will begin by assuming that the hypothetical “black” family has four kids (maybe a bit smaller than you’d expect me to start with, but let’s say the mother ate too much terrible food and got fertility problems) and the hypothetical European family has two kids.

Two of the black kids are twins. That pair of children is one year apart from the next child which is one year apart from the next child, so there are three years of age difference between the four of them.

The European kids have about five years of age difference between them. This is because having kids is expensive and European families take this into account when planning a family. They wanted more kids though, I assure you.

We’ll call those original kids Generation 0.

If we assume that each of the black kids grows up to have four more black (or mongrel) kids, you get sixteen black kids in the next generation, which we will call Generation 1.

Also in Generation 1 are three European kids. It would’ve been four, but one of the European kids from Generation 0 went to college and got a Master’s Degree and wanted to work on her career before she got married. This didn’t leave her enough time to have more children before she was turned infertile by a combination of age, bad food, sodium fluoride, and some radiation from airports, microwaves, cell phones, computers and so on. Her brother had two kids, though. Huzzah for him.

So Generation 1 has sixteen black kids and three European kids.

I don’t think we need to go on to Generation 2, but I’m going to anyway.

Each of those sixteen black kids grew up to have four more kids. Each of the three European kids grew up to have two more kids, but one of those kids was a mongrel, so we can’t count him as a European.

Here is a comparison:

Black kids:

Generation 0 = 4 black kids

Generation 1 = 16 black kids

Generation 2 = 64 black kids

European kids:

Generation 0 = 2 European kids

Generation 1 = 3 European kids

Generation 2 = 5 European kids + 1 mongrel

So if we add the numbers from the different Generations of black kids we get 84, but if we add the numbers from the different Generations of European kids we only get 10 and a mongrel. Add to this the age distance between the European children per Generation and you find that each one would have much more difficulty finding an acceptable mate than the black children, which would also contribute to what I’m going to explain next.

What we can see from this exercise is that since black families produce so many more children over time than European families, this endangers the European species by threatening to breed it out of existence in addition to threatening to kill us all with overpopulation. Since there is such a large difference in numbers between the two groups, my conclusion is that black families should have the choice to abort babies even when they are healthy while European families should not have this same option. However, if the family decides they are unable to care for the healthy European baby, I also think it would be fine for them to put it up for adoption. So in the end there’s really no need to abort the healthy European baby in the first place even if the family can’t take care of it.

As a final note, I’ve heard rumors that Jewish families have reproductive rates much closer to that of blacks than that of Europeans. If we assume this is true then knowing Jews to be, in fact, mongrels, we find yet another pattern which results in Europeans being bred out and the world being threatened by overpopulation.