To Do List

So that daylight saving garbage happened and now we’re all tired because businesses and the government wanted more business and tourist dollars and so on. A bunch of people are going to die from car crashes and other accidents that wouldn’t have happened if this didn’t happen so woo hoo (can you hear whether I’m being sarcastic?). Anyway, short and sweet is probably the way to go until I catch up on my sleep and so (and so I’m rhyming again) *cough* that’s what this is going to be.

This won’t be helpful to all of you, but it might help some of you.

First of all: if you’re looking to buy a farm and you’re looking on regular home-buying websites, you’re probably not having much luck. A simple search term switch is all that is needed. Instead of typing “houses for sale” and looking for giant lots (which can get rather expensive and discouraging), try looking up “farm property for sale”, picking at least one site that looks trustworthy, and searching around your region or the one in which you want to live. Buying a farm lot should be much cheaper than buying a mansion and easier than tearing that mansion down to build a farm on top of the resulting lot, which will be covered in waste bits from the broken mansion. If you live in the US or Canada this search term switch will be especially helpful because who in Europe would want to sell their family farm that they’ve owned for generations? Actually, if you can answer that, you’re all set. Good luck. Now if you want to immigrate to another country and work on a farm there, then your quest just got a lot harder. When searching for “jobs abroad” you can find an abundance of trash you won’t be interested in and I’m sad to say that from what I’ve seen the Europeans mostly or only want people born in Europe working on their farms. You won’t make much progress on this front unless you know someone living there who is either willing to hire you to come work on their farm or if you know someone who knows someone who has a farm and that person is willing to hire you to come work on their farm. Then there’s the paperwork, the living and working visas, and you’ll be needing to go to an embassy. It all becomes very complicated… Unless of course you just marry someone who already has European citizenship. Then you’re all set (again).

Second: What farm would be complete without some chickens or something? I’ve even been to cattle farm ranch things where the farmers kept chickens for sustenance, so don’t worry about it. Just do research and you’ll be fine. So you’ll want to start by looking up “chicken breeds”. Put your eyes back in your head because – yes – there are a bunch of sites on this. Some people are apparently obsessed with chickens. I don’t know what to tell you. I’m related to one and I still don’t understand. Anyway, research chicken breeds, what kinds can live in your area or where you want to live, expected life span, egg laying and brooding habits and so on. Now (and this is rather important), before you start buying chickens, you need a place for them to live and something to prevent them from being eaten by coyotes (I don’t know if that’s a problem where you live, but it is here. If it isn’t, then just replace coyotes with whatever predators are in your area. Also thieves and vandals). So make sure you have a coop and some sort of fence or something set up so your chickens don’t die. Make sure the fence encompasses a wide area because chickens supposedly scratch like there’s no tomorrow. Have we all heard the horror stories of chickens scratching green fields into barren wastelands? No? Well you have now. And make sure to grab their eggs bright and early in the morning or their feces will make the eggs inedible (although I guess how the chickens treat the eggs will vary depending on the breed). So no slacking or sleeping in late!


To be continued… Probably.