Amusing Things Young Earth Creationists Say

-“Show me the intermediates.” (“the” is sometimes replaced with “your”)

-“I’ll believe in evolution when a chimpanzee gives birth to a human baby.”

-“If evolution were real, we’d see things like a crocoduck.”

-“Where are the missing links?!”

-“The earth is 5ooo years old.”

-“How can you trust the fossil record when it’s full of gaps?”

-“What is the intermediate between a lizard and a bird?”

-“If humans evolved from chimpanzees, how come chimpanzees are still around?”

-“Fossils were put there by Satan to deceive us.”

-“The world as we know it was created in seven days.”

-“We have always existed as we are.”

-“Well micro-evolution might be real, but macro-evolution definitely isn’t!”

-“Humans aren’t evolved from monkeys! Do I look like a monkey to you?!”

-“How did fish grow wings and turn into birds? I don’t see how randomly growing wings underwater would help them…”

-“If there’s so much evidence for evolution, how come people only see pictures when museums should be full of fossils of transitional species?”