Short Quote – Easy Code

Admittedly, I didn’t expect anyone to answer and I was going to post this anyway. I just wanted to throw out a teaser beforehand. Anyway, here’s a quote:



64/38.1/58.42/12.7/45.72/0/5 0.8/38.1/0/15.24/22.86/17.7























I tried to make this relatively easy despite the absence of punctuation. Do me a favor and imagine it’s there. That will be difficult for those who don’t crack this code, but those people don’t need to care anyway.


P.S. This isn’t a clue, but I should mention the source is Mein Kampf. I like to cite my sources.


(Glad I got that over with.)

Edda Names T-Y (End)


Thakkráth: a servitor of Níthoth

Thekk: Óthin

Thekk: a dwarf

Thing: an assembly

Thír: the wife of Thrall

Thjálfi: Thór’s servitor

Thjatsi: a giant

Thjóthmar: the father of Thjóthrekk

Thjóthnuma: a mythical river

Thjóth ór Hvini: a skald

Thjóthrek: Theodoric, king of the Ostrogoths

Thjóthrœrir: a dwarf

Thjóthvara: one of Mengloth’s maidens

Thjóthvitnir: Fenrir

Tholl: a mythical river

Tholl Isle: place name

Thór: the son of Óthin

Thóra: the wife of Dag

Thóra: the daughter of Hákon

Thorin: a dwarf

Thórir Ironshield: a housecarl of Hrólf the Old

Thor’s Ness: a promontory

Thráin: a dwarf

Thrall: the son of Ríg and Edda

Thrithi: Óthin

Thrór: Óthin

Thrór: a dwarf

Thrúth: a valkyrie

Thrúthgelmir: a giant

Thrúthheim: the abode of Thór

Thrym: a giant

Thrymgjoll: a wicket

Thrymheim: the abode of Skathi

Thund: a mythical river

Thund: Óthin

Thunderer: Thór

Thuth: Óthin

Thyn: a mythical river

Tind: a son of Arngrím

Tronu Strand: a place name

Týr: the god of war

Tyrfing: a son of Arngrím



Úlf: the progenitor of the Ylfings

Úlf: the father of Álf the Old

Úlf the Gaping: a hero

Úlfrún: a giant maiden

Ull: the god of archery

Una Bay: place name

Uni: a dwarf

Unn: one of Ægir’s daughters

Uote: the mother of Kreimhild

Úri: a dwarf

Urth: one of the norns

Útgartha-Loki: a giant

Uth: Óthin

Uth: a mythical river



Vafthrúthnir: a giant

Váfuth: Óthin

Vak: Óthin

Válaskjalf: the seat of Óthin

Valfather: Óthin

Valgrind: the gate of Valholl

Valholl: the hall of dead heroes

Váli: a son of Loki

Váli: the son of Óthin and Rind

Valtam: Óthin’s father (see Bur)

Van: (see Vanir)

Ván: mythical river

Vanaheim: the abode of the Vanir

Vandil: a sea king(?)

Vanir: a race of gods (nom. pl. of Van)

Var: a dwarf

Varins firth: place name

Várkald: the father of Vindkald

Vásuth: the father of Vindsval

Vathgelmir: a mythical river

Vé: a hypostasis of Óthin(?)

Vegdrasil: a dwarf

Vegsvinn: a mythical river

Vegtam: Óthin

Veig: a dwarf

Verland: the earth

Verthandi: one of the norns

Vestri: a dwarf

Vethrfolnir: a falcon

Véur: Thór

Vígblær: Helgi’s horse

Vígrith: a place name

Víkar: a king

Víl: a mythical river

Vili: a hypostasis of Óthin(?)

Vilmeith: a sorcerer

Vilmund: a hero

Vin: a mythical river

Vína: a mythical river

Vindalf: a dwarf

Vindkald: a name assumed by Svipdag

Vindsval: a giant

Vingi: the emissary of Atli

Vingskornir: Brynhild’s steed

Vingthór: Thór

Virvir: a dwarf

Vit: a dwarf

Víth: a mythical river

Víthar: a son of Óthin

Víthi: the dwelling of Víthar

Vithofnir: a rooster

Vithólf: a sorcerer

Vithrir: Óthin

Vithur: Óthin

Volsung: the father of Sigmund

Volsungs, The: the descendants of Volsung

Vond: a mythical river

Vór: a goddess (“probably [a] hypostasis of Frigg, goddess of marriage”)



Walburg: place name

Wineburg: place name

Windhelms Bridgs: (see Bifrost)

Wolf: the Fenris-Wolf

Wolfdales: the home of Volund

World-Ash: (see Yggdrasil)

Worm, The: the Mithgarths Serpent



Ýdal: the dwelling of Ull

Ygg: Óthin

Yggdrasil: the mythical world tree

Ylg: a mythical river

Ylfings, The: a royal race

Ymir: a giant

Yng: Frey

Ynglings, The: a royal race

Yngvi: Frey

Yngvi: a son of Hring

Yngvi: a dwarf

Yrsa: a daughter of Helgi



P.S. Do you guys like codes? 😉

Edda Names O-S


Oddrún: the daughter of Buthli

Ofnir: a serpent

Ofnir: Óthin

Óin: a dwarf

Ókólnir: the dwelling of Brimir

Ólaf: the son of Frithleif

Olmóth: the father of Isolf

Olrún: a valkyrie

Ómi: Óthin

Orkning: Kostbera’s brother

Ormt: a mythical river

Ónar: a dwarf

Óri: a dwarf

Óski: Óthin

Óskopnir: place name

Óth: the husband of Freya

Óthin: “the supreme deity”

Othlings, The: a family descended from Authi

Óthrœrir: the mead of skaldship or the kettle in which it is kept

Otr: a brother of Regin and Fafnir

Óttar: Innstein’s son



Rævil: a sea king

Rán: Váli(?)

Rán: the wife of Ægir

Randgrith: a valkyrie

Randvér: the son of Ráthbarth

Randvér: the son of Jormunrekk

Ratatosk: a squirrel

Ráthbarth: the father of Randver

Ráthgirth: a valkyrie

Ráthsvith: a dwarf

Regin: the son of Hreithmar

Reginleif: a valkyrie

Regin Thing: a meeting place

Rēifnir: a son of Arngrím

Ríg: Heimdall

Ríg: the earl

Rín: a mythical river

Rind: a giantess

Rinnandi: a mythical river

Rithil: Regin’s sword

Rógheim: place name

Roskva: the sister of Thjálfi

Rotharis: King of the Langobards

Rothul fells: mountains

Rothulsvoll: a plain



 Sæfari: the father of Úlf

Sæhrímnir: a mythical boar

Sækonung: the father of Hildigunn

Sæmorn: a river

Særeith: a wife of King Hjorvarth

Sævarstath: place name

Sága: Frigg

Saga Ness: a promontory

Salgofnir: a mythical rooster

Sáms Isle: a Danish island

Sanngetal: Óthin

Sarus: a brother of Sunnilda

Sath: Óthin

Saxi: a German prince

Serpent, The: the Mithgarth-Worm

Seva Fells: place name

Sif: Thór’s wife

Sigar: a warrior

Sigar: a brother of Hogni

Sigar: the opponent of Siggeir

Sigar’s Field: a royal estate

Sigar’s Holm: an island

Sigarsvellir: Sigar’s Field

Sigfather: Óthin

Sigfrit: a German hero

Siggeir: the slayer of Eylimi

Siggeir: the opponent of Sigar

Siggtrygg: a hero

Sigmund: the son of Volsung

Sigmund: the son of Sigurth

Signý: a sister of Sigmund

Sigrdrífa: a valkyrie, Brynhild

Sigrlinn: the daughter of Sváfnir

Sigrún: a valkyrie

Sigtýr: Óthin

Sigurth: the son of Sigmund and Hjordis

Sigyn: the wife of Loki

Siklings, The: the royal race of Denmark

Silfrintopp: a mythical steed

Sinfjotli: the son of Sigmund

Sinir: a mythical steed

Sinmara: the wife of Surt

Sinrjóth: a wife of King Hjorvarth

Síth: a mythical river

Síthgrani: Óthin

Síthhott: Óthin

Síthskegg: Óthin

Skafith: a dwarf

Skatalung: place name

Skathi: Thjatsi’s daughter

Skeggjold: a valkyrie

Skeithbrimir: a mythical steed

Skekkil: the father of Skúrhild

Skelfir: the progenitor of the Skilfings

Skilfing: Óthin

Skínfaxi: the sun horse

Skírnir: Frey’s servitor

Skirvir: a dwarf

Skíthblathnir: Frey’s ship

Skjold: the progenitor of the Skjoldungs

Skogul: a valkyrie

Skoll: a mythical wolf

Skrymir: a giant

Skuld: one of the norns

Skuld: a valkyrie

Skúrhild: the daughter of Skekkil

Slagfith: the brother of Volund

Sleipnir: Óthin’s horse

Slíth: a mythical stream

Snævar: a son of Hogni

Snœr: the wife of Karl

Snow Fell: a royal estate

Sœkin: a mythical river

Sogn: a fjord

Sokkmímir: a giant

Sokkvabekk: the dwelling of Sága

Sólar: a son of Hogni

Sólbjart: the father of Svipdag

Sólblindi: a dwarf

Sólheim: the dwelling of Hothbrodd

Sorli: a son of Guthrún and Jónakr

Sporvitnir: a steed

Stag: Sigurth

Starkath: the son of Granmar

Tharkath: the son of Stórverk

Stave Ness: a promontory

Stórverk: the father of Starkath

Strond: a mythical river

Styr Cliffs: place name

Sun Fess: a royal estate

Sunilda: Svanhild

Surt: the ruler of Múspelheim

Suthri: a dwarf

Suttung: a giant

Sváfnir: a serpent

Sváfnir: Óthin

Sváfnir: a king of Svávaland

Svafrthorin: the grandfather of Mengloth

Svalin: the shield before the sun

Svan the Red: the father of Sœfari

Svanhild: the daughter of Guthrún and Sigurth

Svarthofthi: a sorcerer

Svásuth: the father of Summer

Svathilfari: the sire of Óthin’s horse Sleipnir

Sváva: the wife of Sækonung

Sváva: a valkyrie

Svávaland: the land ruled by Sváfnir

Sveggjoth: a horse

Svipal: Óthin

Svipdag: the son of Gróa

Sviputh: a horse

Svithrir: Óthin

Svithur: Óthin

Svíur: a dwarf

Svol: a mythical river

Sylg: a mythical river

Edda Names I-N


Ifing: a mythical river

ĺm: a giant

Imth: a giant maiden

Imth’s daughter: a troll wench

Ingunar-Frey: Frey

Innstein: the father of Óttar

ĺri: a dwarf

ĺsólf: a son of Olmóth

ĺsung: a hero

Ithi: a giant

Ithmund: one of King Hjorvarth’s earls

ĺthun: the goddess of youth

ĺvaldi’s sons: dwarfs

ĺvar: the father of Auth



Jafnhár: Óthin

Jálk: Óthin

Jari: a dwarf

Jarizkar: a Danish(?) prince

Jarizleif: a Danish(?) prince

Járnsaxa: a giantess

Jofurmar: a son of Dag

Jónakr: Guthrún’s third husband

Jormunrekk: Ermanarich, king of the Ostrogoths

Jorth: Fjogyn, the mother of Thór



Kára: a daughter of Hálfdan

Kári: a son of Fróthi

Karl: the son of Ríg and Amma

Kerlaugs, The: two mythical rivers

Ketil: Óttar’s great-grandfather

Kíar: a king

Kiarval: King of Valland

Kíli: a dwarf

Kjalar: Óthin

Klypp: the father of Ketil

Knéfrœth: the emissary of Atli

Knúi: a hero

Kolga’s sister: one of Ægir’s daughters

Kon: a son of Earl and Erna

Kormt: a mythical river

Kostbera: the wife of Hogni

Kriemhild: Guthrún

Kund: a son of Earl and Erna



Læráth: Yggdrasil

Lævatein: a sword

Laufey: Loki’s mother

Leiptr: a mythical river

Leirbrimir: a giant

Leire: Hleithr

Léttfeti: a heavenly steed

Líf: a being who will survive the fimbulvetr

Lífthrásir: a being who will survive the fimbulvetr

Lit: a dwarf

Loddfáfnir: a “thul”

Lofar: a dwarf

Lofnheith: a daughter of Hreithmar

Loga Fells: place name

Loki: one of the Æsir

Lóni: a dwarf

Lopt: Loki

Lothin: a giant

Lóthur: possibly a hypostasis of Óthin

Lyfja Mount: the location of Mengloth’s castle

Lyngheith: a daughter of Hreithmar

Lyngvi: a son of Hunding

Lýr: Mengloth’s castle



Magni: Thór’s son

Magnús Ólafsson: a king of Norway

Meili: the brother of Thór

Melkorka: an Irish princess

Mélnir: a horse

Mengloth: Svipdag’s bride

Menja: a giant maiden

Mimameith: Yggdrasil

Mímir: Mím

Mist: a valkyrie

Mistarblindi: a giant(?)

Mithgarth: the earth as the abode of men

Míthgarth-Worm: the world-encircling serpent (a.k.a. the equator)

Mithvitnir: a giant(?)

Mjolnir: Thór’s hammer

Mjóthvitnir: a dwarf

Mogthrásir: mankind

Móin: a serpent

Móïnsheim: place name

Móthi: a son of Thór

Mótsognir: a dwarf

Munaheim: place name

Mundilferi: the father of the sun and the moon

Munin: one of Óthin’s ravens

Múspelheim: the world of fire

Múspell’s sons: dwellers in Múspelheim

Mýlnir: a horse

Myrkheim: a forest

Myrkvith: place name

Mýsing: a sea king



Nabbi: a dwarf

Naglfar: the ship of the dead

Nágrind: the entrance to Hel

Náin: a dwarf

Náli: a dwarf

Nanna: the daughter of Nokkvi

Nanna: the wife of Baldr

Nár: a dwarf

Narfi: a wolf, the son of Loki

Nari: Loki’s son

Ná-Strand: the strand of the dead

Neri’s sister: a norn

Nerthus: Terrae mater, mother earth

Nidhād: (see Níthoth)

Niflheim: the realm of Hel

Niflhel: the realm of Hel

Niflungs, The: the sons of Gjuki

Niflungs: warriors

Níping: a dwarf

Nitha-Fells: the abode of the dead(?)

Nitha Fields: the abode of the dead(?)

Níhhogg: a dragon

Nithi: a dwarf

Níthoth: the king of the Njarar

Njorth: a Van god

Nóatún: the abode of Njorth

Nokkvi: the father of Nanna

Nóri: a dwarf

Northri: a dwarf

Not: a mythical river

Nótt: Night

Nýi: a dwarf

Nýráth: a dwarf

Nyt: a mythical river

Edda Names H

Hábrók: a hawk

Haddingjar: heroes

Haddings, The: sea kings

Hagal: Helgi’s foster father

Haki: a hero

Hákon: a king of Denmark

Hálf: a king of Denmark

Hálfdan: King Fróthi’s brother

Hálfdan: the father of Kára

Hálfdan the Old/Hálfdan the High: a Danish king

Hamal: Hagal’s son

Hamthir: a son of Guthrún and Jónakr

Hámund: a son of Sigmund

Hanar: a dwarf

Harald Bluetooth: a Danish king

Harald Fairhair: a Norwegian king

Harald Gilli: a Norwegian king

Harald Wartooth: a Danish king

Hárbarth: Óthin

Hati: a mythical wolf

Hati: a giant

Hátún: a royal estate

Haugspori: a dwarf

Hávarth: a son of Hunding

Heaven Fells: a mythical place name

Heimdall: the warder of the gods

Heimir: Brynhild’s foster father

Heith: a witch

Heith: a kinsman of Hrímnir

Heithdraupnir: possibly Mímir

Heithrek: the father of Borgný

Heithrún: a mythical goat

Hel: the goddess of the lower world

Helblindi: Óthin

Helche: Atli’s first wife

Helgi: son of King Hjorvarth and Sigrlinn

Helgi: (Hjalmgunnar ?)

Helgi Hundingsbana: son of King Sigmund and Borghild

Helgi Haddingjaskati: a reincarnation of Helgi Hundingsbana

Helgi: a Danish king

Heming: a son of Hunding

Hengikjopt: probably Óthin

Heorot: hall of the Danish king

Heptifíli: a dwarf

Herborg: a Hunnish queen

Heremōd: King of the Danes

Herfjotur: a valkyrie

Herjafather: Óthin

Herjan: Óthin

Herkja: Atli’s handmaid

Hermóth: a hero

Hersir: the father of Erna

Herteit: Óthin

Hervarth: a son of Arngrím

Hervarth: a son of Hunding

Hervor the Allwise: a valkyrie

Hethin: a son of Hjorvarth

Hethin’s Isle: a place name

Hild: a valkyrie

Hild: the mother of Álf the Hero

Hild beneath Helm: Brynhild

Hildidanr: (Harald Wartooth ?)

Hildigunn: the mother of Almveig

Hildisvíni: Frey’s boar

Hilditǫnn: a Danish king

Hildóf: possibly Óthin

Himin Meadows: a royal estate

Himinbjorg: the abode of Heimdall

Hindar Fell: place name

Hjalli: a thrall of Atli

Hjálmberi: Óthin

Hjálmgunnar: a king slain by Sigrdrífa

Hjálprek: Sigurth’s foster father

Hjordís: the mother of Sigurth

Hjorleif: a king

Hjorvarth: a son of Arngrím

Hjorvarth: the father of Hvethna

Hjorvarth: the father of Helgi

Hjorvarth: a son of Hunding

Hlathguth the Swanwhite: a valkyrie

Hlé Fells: place name

Hlébarth: a giant

Hlédís: the grandmother of Óttar

Hlér: Ægir

Hlésy: (see Hlés Isle)

Hlés Isle: an island in the Kattegat

Hlévang: a dwarf

Hlíf: one of Mengloth’s maidens

Hlín: Frigg

Hlithskjalf: Óthin’s seat in Valholl

Hlithskjalf: Mengloth’s castle

Hlokk: a valkyrie

Hlórrithi: Thór

Hlóthin: Fjorgyn, the mother of Thór

Hlothvarth: a king

Hlothvér: the father of Hlathguth and Hervor

Hlymdale: place name

Hniflung: the son of Hogni

Hniflungs, The: the sons of Atli and Guthrún

Hnikar: Óthin

Hnikuth: Óthin

Hoddmímir: the world-tree, Yggdrasil

Hoddrofnir: possibly Mímir

Hœnir: (a hypostasis of Óthin ?)

Hogni: the father of Sigrún

Hogni: a son of Gjúki

Holl: a mythical river

Hornbori: a dwarf

Horvir: a housecarl of Hrólf the Old

Hoth: the blind god

Hothbrodd: a son of Granmar

Hræsvelg: a giant in eagle’s shape

Hrani: a son of Arngrím

Hrauthung: the father of Agnar and Geirrœth

Hrauthung: an ancestor of Hjordís

Hreithmar: the father of Regin and Fáfnir

Hrímfaxi: a mythical horse

Hrímgerth: a giantess

Hrímgrimnir: a giant

Hrímnir: a frost giant

Hring: a king

Hringstead: a royal estate

Hrist: a valkyrie

Hríth: a mythical river

Hrœrek: the father of Harald Wartooth

Hrólf Kraki: a hero king

Hrollaug: a prince

Hronn: a mythical river

Hronn: one of Ægir’s daughters

Hrópt: Óthin

Hróptatýr: Óthin

Hrossjóf: a giant

Hróthmar: a king, the father of Álf

Hróthr: a giant

Hróthnitnir: Fenrir

Hrotti: Sigurth’s sword

Hrungnir: a mountain giant

Hrym: a giant

Hugin: one of Óthin’s ravens

Humlung: the son of Hjorvarth and Særeith

Hunding: a king of Hundland

Hundland: the land of Hunding

Hundland: the land ruled by Buthli and Atli

Hvergelmir: a mythical spring

Hvethna: a daughter of Hjorvarth

Hvethrung: probably Loki

Hymir: a giant

Hymling: a son of Hjorvarth

Hyndla: a giantess

Edda Names F-G


Fáfnir: the brother of Regin and son of Hreithmar

Falhófnir: a “heavenly steed”

Farmatýr: Óthin

Father: the husband of Mother

Feng: Óthin

Fenja: a giantess

Fenrir: the Fenris-Wolf

Fenris-Wolf: a mythical wolf

Fensalir: the home of Frigg

Fíli: a dwarf

Fimafeng: a servitor of the Ægir

Fimbulthul: Óthin

Fimbultýr: Óthin

Fimbulvetr: three winters without a summer

Finn: a dwarf

Fjalar: a rooster

Fjalar: (see Suttung)

Fjalar: (see Skrymir)

Fjalar: a dwarf

Fjolkald: the father of Várkald

Fjolnir: Óthin

Fjolnir: a king of Sweden (possibly Óthin)

Fjolsvith: Óthin

Fjolsvith: a giant guarding Mengloth

Fjolvar: a companion of Óthin

Fjorgyn: the mother of Thór

Fjorm: a mythical river

Fjornir: Gunnar’s cupbearer

Fjorsungs, The: a royal race (passage context implies that this is the noun version of the word “race”)

Fjotur Grove: place name

Folkvang: the home of Freya

Foresti: the son of Baldr and Nanna

Fræg: a dwarf

Fránangr Waterfall: place name (familiar to those of you who have read either version of Lokasenna/The Flything of Loki that I have posted here)

Frankland: the land of the Gjúkung kings

Fránmar: one of King Sváfnir’s earls

Frár: a dwarf

Frathmar: a descendant of Dag and Thóra

Freka Stone: place name

Freki: one of Óthin’s wolves

Freki brothers: descendants of Dag and Thóra

Frey: the god of fertility

Freya: the goddess of love

Fríaut: Fróthi’s wife

Frigg: Óthin’s wife

Frith: one of Mengloth’s maidens

Frithleif: the ruler of Gothland

Frithleif: the father of Ólaf

Frosti: a dwarf

Fróthi: the husband of Fríaut

Fróthi: the father of Kári

Fróthi: a king of Denmark

Fulla: Frigg’s chambermaid

Fundin: a dwarf

fylgja: Tutelary spirit



Gagnráth: Óthin

Gandálf: a dwarf

Gangleri: Óthin

Garm: the Hel hound

Gastrop: the wall “about Mengloth’s hall”

Gaut: Óthin

Gefjon: a goddess

Geirmund: a hero

Geironul: a valkyrie

Geirrœth: a king

Geirskogul: a valkyrie

Geirvimul: a mythical river

Geitir: a servitor of Grípir

Geri: one of Óthin’s wolves

Geri: one of the hounds guarding Mengloth’s hall

Gerth: a giantess, the daughter of Gymir

Gestumblindi: Óthin

Gífir: one of the hounds guarding Mengloth’s hall

Gimlé: the abode of the gods

Ginnar: a dwarf

Gipul: a muthical river

Gísl: a heavenly steed

Gjaflaug: Gjúki’s sister

Gjallarhorn: Heimdall’s horn

Gjálp: a giant maiden

Gjoll: mythical river

Gjúki: the Burgundian king

Gjúki: a son of Hogni

Gjúkungs, The: Gjúki’s descendants

Gladhome: Óthin’s dwelling

Glapsvith: Óthin

Glasir Grove: place name

Glath: a heavenly steed

Glaum: Atli’s horse

Glaumvor: Gunnar’s wife

Gler: a heavenly steed

Glitnir: Forseti’s dwelling

Glói: a dwarf

Góin: a serpent

Goll: a valkyrie

Golltop: a heavenly steed

Gomul: a mythical river

Gondlir: Óthin

Gondul: a valkyrie

Gopul: a mythical river

Gorm the Old: a king of Denmark

Grábak: a serpent

Grafvitnir: a serpent

Grafvolluth: a serpent

Gram: a sword

Grani: Sigurth’s horse

Granmar: Hothbrodd’s father

Gráth: a mythical river

Greip: a giant maiden

Grím: Óthin

Grím: a hero

Grímhild: the wife of Gjúki

Grímnir: Óthin

Grípir: Sigurth’s uncle

Gróa: Svipdag’s mother

Grotti: the millstones belonging to Fróthi

Gullinkambi: a rooster

Gullrond: Gúthrun’s sister

Gullveig: a witch

Gungnir: Óthin’s spear

Gunn: a valkyrie

Gunnar: Gjúki’s son

Gunnar Midwall: a hero

Gunnloth: Suttung’s daughter

Gunnthorin: a mythical river

Gunnthró: a mythical river

Gunther: (see Gunnar)

Guth: a valkyrie

Guthmund: a son of Granmar

Guthorm: son of Gjúki

Guthorm: the opponent of Knúi

Guthrún: the daughter of Gjúki

Gyllir: a heavenly steed

Gymir: a giant

Gymir: Ægir (not the same Gymir as above)

Gyrth: a son of Dag