A Short Case for Drinkable Seawater

Making seawater drinkable would benefit us in that the world’s ever-increasing population demands more resources – including drinkable water – to stay alive (esp. in places like California where they have terrible droughts, yet are unable to make use of the ocean water on their western coast), and making more water available for this purpose would (on a large scale) postpone the “impending water wars” people hear about occasionally or (on a small scale) increase one’s ability to survive natural disasters or harsh weather in bad times or at least provide a backyard water source for people trying to cut down on bills. Furthermore, for the time being, drinking seawater could help cut down on the consumption of the rat poison sodium fluoride. I’m not so sure “Big Brother” would jump at the opportunity to poison the breeding grounds of sea creatures that can be caught, sold, and taxed to the government’s benefit (even if dumping waste product into the ocean is a cheap way of getting rid of it), so I’d assume this action would not be first on their list of things they’d want to do. Of course litter, oil and other forms of pollution can also be a problem. Because of this, one may automatically rule out certain areas for potential water sources. The easiest way is to compare the coast to a dump and the water thereby to a drainage ditch and, if there is any similarity between what is seen and what the visual field is being compared to, simply find another area (having or at least borrowing a boat would be useful if one has the opportunity to take advantage of it). Use your best judgement. If you don’t feel comfortable drinking this water, then don’t drink it. You may have a more convenient freshwater source available anyway (personally, since I live in a place with a lot of lakes, streams, and the beginning of the Mississippi River a-ways North of me, I have plenty of options of water sources to clean and use in place of seawater – which I have no access to). I do not recommend drinking the water tainted with sodium fluoride as a backup option. That would be a horrible idea.