“In a short time he begins to twist things around to make it look as if all the injustice in the world had always been done to him and not the other way around”

-quote from Mein Kampf

Well, the Romans killed plenty of other Europeans in battle in the course of Rome becoming the Roman Empire. The English later started taking advantage of Ireland, and eventually Irish slaves started being shipped to America. The Dutch shipped plenty of African slaves (including ones captured, enslaved and sold by other Africans) to America. Turks have been trying to slaughter Europeans for ages. Sometimes this would be followed by them raping the European women. Still other European women were burned alive, drowned, pressed to death or otherwise forced to undergo torturous execution “trials” after being accused of witchcraft in both Europe and North America. The Holodomor resulted in a massive death toll. Many people died during the reign of Ivan the Terrible in Russia – much like many Cambodians died as a result of Pol Pot obtaining power. The American government dropped two nuclear bombs on Japan. Virtually everyone knows that the people of North Korea are, for the overwhelmingly large part, being treated horribly. Back in America, almost all the “Indians” are dead. On a more global scale, a sickening number of people are being held in debt slavery by – who else? – the Jews. I’d say we have enough problems without this last one being added. Then they have the nerve to inflate any number of deaths of their own people and blame it on Europeans whenever they can – even if some of those deaths were caused by naturally-occurring illness or some other unavoidable thing like old age (because if a 96 year-old woman dies suddenly, she must have had a heart attack thinking about Nazis. It couldn’t be something like old age. That would just be silly *eye roll*). These parasites continue on to ask for money to make themselves feel better after all their well-earned “hardships” they’ve undergone after their host lands have tried to expel them as a result of said host lands realizing what damage they’ve caused. A rather obvious result of this is the bandit state called Israel. Its existence is largely funded by donations from various other nations (you didn’t expect them to actually work, did you?). Now that all this has been said, it should be obvious that not all injustice and certainly not all hardship has been always inflicted on the Jew and, furthermore, that far too many people have been treating the Jew – this creature creating ever more problems for the rest of us – with undeserved kindness.  After repeated and aggressive attempts to stop Europeans from having good, genetically European children and with their debt-enslaving, money-worshiping ways, it could additionally be suggested that the Jew deserves not kindness but outright harshness. Indeed, one does not ever respond with any degree of kindness to the discovery of one’s own life force being drained away by a gnat.