Immigrants, Simple Economics, Social Unrest

NB: This applies to places other than the United States, I just used that particular place and the group of Latin American immigrants because I am familiar with this particular situation. Additionally, this group of immigrants can be substituted with another as circumstances permit or demand. Same goes for the place.


They come for riches and an easy life. They think they can support a family with several children while many normal people struggle greatly to support two or three. It might almost be funny if it weren’t so sad. (No one knows what that line was a reference to, and I’m okay with that. To make it more difficult to find, parts of the line have been changed or added.) Of course I am speaking of a certain type of immigrant that we see commonly here in the States. I am aware that plenty of them come from places with terribly unequal distribution of wealth, but to go from there to the place with the most debt in the recorded history of mankind – and in an attempt to make a substantial profit for little work – is madness if not stupidity. They are so deluded that they end up crammed into a living space too small to comfortably fit their entire family while they scrape by on bills and buy McDonald’s every day because they can’t afford decent, human living conditions with what they make from their jobs cleaning up after others. And yes, some immigrants start cooking food for a living. Fresh-off-the-boat immigrants can’t expect a job much better than that since they usually don’t have college degrees or job experience in anything that doesn’t involve cleaning or cooking. Their bilingual children have slightly brighter futures, but still don’t have the straight shot at easy cash that their parents wanted. In short: all their effort is for nothing. They continue working low-wage jobs without getting much in return. All that has changed for them is that they are now in a foreign environment with terribly unhealthy foodstuffs, surrounded by people who either barely understand their language or don’t speak it at all. These immigrants often don’t get much benefit from making the effort to leave their homeland and can suffer regret and homesickness as a result. Naturally, the immigrants are not the only ones to suffer from their decisions. The host economy, already burdened with debt, strains to support the flood of new mouths to feed and families to house and employ. The amount of money in public circulation must then be spread ever more thinly across the population – leaving progressively less for everyone. Less money in the host economy means less foreign aid can go to their homelands. If a host economy cannot aid these places, it then becomes more likely that people from those places will emigrate and end up in a place that they have erroneously been led to believe can make them rich… by them scrubbing toilets… Anyway, this sets in motion a cycle which results in an astounding number of people moving to a place, aiding in the economy’s collapse, and causing the host nation to become as undesirable as the place they came from. Parts of the host nation will even look like their homelands simply from lack of population control. Stepping into these neighborhoods and cities is like entering a foreign land to the native of the host nation. It is rather uncomfortable for the native and can induce feelings of one’s homeland having been invaded and overtaken by foreigners. Of course this leads to varying degrees of social unrest ranging from whispered comments and rude looks to protests or even violence. Under permitting circumstances, these feelings and actions can intensify and these places can spread. There are a couple of ways to look at this sort of situation. One is despair that the homeland the natives have worked so hard at to build and maintain is being broken down by these foreign invaders. The other is to be pleased with the social unrest as it could mean an increased probability of a wide-scale revolt of the people against the parties that can be held responsible, which of course includes the “merchants” in the government as well as the immigrants. Indecision is of course not an option. Anyone who refuses to care enough to pick a side and viewpoint runs a risk of being labeled as an enabler, dog, sheep, puppet or any other number of degrading things you can think of. To remove this risk, it is necessary to choose. Rest assured any mercy will virtually exclusively be shown to genetic Europeans living outside of Europe who have a preference to focus more on the problems in Europe than the ones they face where they live because, after all, Europe is their home and they have no business living elsewhere. It then makes sense for them to care more about their genetic homeland than wherever they currently live. (It can generally be assumed that other genetic groups immigrated to that place recently enough that they could move back home much more easily than a genetic European could, and therefore deserve less mercy.)