Short Quote, Different Code

I have another code! This one is almost entirely new, but if anyone here took the trouble to solve the last one, there are six characters that have remained the same. Five others look similar but the process has been reversed. The rest are random. Unfortunately this has resulted in some of the characters looking like they are punctuation in the quote when some of them are not. Oh well. At least I kept the spacing this time to make it easier.

Also, this is another quote from Mein Kampf. Just letting you know.

*- ^2.54+ 2.54 +&2.54( 2.54)-*-+1.97(*-*+(

^&*O& ^2.54+ 2.54/4.72/4.72; 15.24Q#

*- 4.72/53.34/4.72/4.72/1.97!

40.64/1.97Q40.64/4.72/1.97 *)-Q

+1.97O53.34#*-B; -&1.97B -&Q53.34/2.76&-

-&1.97B &2.54! -&1.97 15.24Q1.97 .79B

-&1.97 1.97/2.54#+, ^&*4.72/1.97 *)

1.97/2.54/4.72*-B -&1.97B -&1.97(+1.97/4.72%1.97+

^1.97#1.97 .79/1.97*)2.76 4.72/1.97! .79B

-&1.97 )Q+1.97.