Laziness and Avoidance of Said

Well I wanted to post this on New Year’s Day, but everything was closed including this library! Ugh. It was terribly disappointing. Anyway, here’s a very rambling post to start the new year.


If you think about it, there’s actually a lot of work that goes into being lazy these days. You have your microwaves and your dishwashers and so on. You use them and then go back to your television or whatever. Of course these things can be manufactured by people and it creates jobs when they are (not that we’d need this if overpopulation wasn’t such a huge issue). Then those workers can take their earnings and go purchase other useless junk that will allow them to be more lazy and to waste as much of their free time as possible. But… they could just save their earnings and do things themselves. Normal cooking and cleaning is generally pretty easy – even when done by hand – and people don’t need these superfluous distractions anyway. People don’t need to know who is dating who on what soap opera or sitcom or whatever and people don’t need dozens of pointless so-called “apps” on their stupid phones. They don’t need very advanced hi-tech phones either. It would make more sense to save a few bucks and instead put it into things like sending their kids to a school where they’ll actually learn something (well no one wants to pay for homeschooling, do they?) or into buying organic food – even if only for the purpose of bragging about it to people. But for some reason many people would rather be lazy, let machines do their work and cram trashy excuses for entertainment into their brains while wasting away in their chairs and couches, stuffing their fat faces while they slowly die a hideous death. I guess I’m getting off-topic. Another concern regarding laziness is the potential people have to become far more dependent on machines than what one might consider to be reasonable. It’s weird enough to have a robot vacuum when you are perfectly capable of doing this yourself, but when you do something like drive to your mailbox because you can’t be bothered to stand and walk for a damn minute, then there’s something wrong with you. It might be reasonable if you happen to be very elderly or missing one of your legs or something like that (or if one of your legs happens to be detached from the rest of you and you know exactly where it is), but people generally don’t have these issues. Seriously the mailbox is at the end of your driveway. Is your driveway going to disintegrate the moment you step foot on it? Because I don’t think it will. Nor will it detach from the rest of the earth and, independent of gravity, carry you into outer space where you cannot reach your reclining chair. Anyway, laziness is generally deemed to be unhealthy so logic would imply that it should be avoided. One could at least do a bare minimum of 15 minutes of jogging per diem to help combat this (I personally prefer 20-40 but meh). I suppose someone married to a screen could at least start by doing some constant jumping jacks or push-ups during commercials or boring parts. And now that I think of it… If I remember correctly it ordinarily takes machines over 20 minutes to wash dishes. Maybe 30. So maybe that time could be used for exercising to help eradicate the laziness? Just a thought. Pop on the jogging shoes – bring the kids and the dog or whatever (not the iguana because I think they’re a bit slow to be jogging). Take some friends and avoid conga lines. Brilliant. Just don’t jog for, like, two damn seconds and pretend that’s the same as 20 minutes. It isn’t. It doesn’t even count because that’s how pathetic it is.

P.S. About conga lines: done at normal speed after a jog they will probably lower your heart rate back to about normal and done at jogging speed you’ll just end up kicking people in the knees or shins, so it really would be best to avoid them. That situation would be terrible for everyone except the person at the front of the line. Then if the line ends join and people make a conga circle that somehow spills out into the street it can block traffic. Then someone might get hurt and/or everyone could get in trouble. It would just be awful. They’re total safety hazards…


Okay, I’ve had my fun for now. I guess I’ll have to write a more serious post next time… 🙂