You guys wouldn’t want to read the other crap I drafted, so I made a haiku “on the fly”. Then I coded it because I’m a mean, mean little girl. Ha.

1/40/73/54/77/9 * 54/1 * 34/9/13/84/1/2 * 67/42/73/42

12/42/3/54/12/42 * 473/67/34/2 * 76/84/23 * 473/34/77/2 * 2/84 * 40/9/34/77/2

2/67/42 * 42/34/73/2/67 * 54/1 * 473/34/54/2/54/77/9

On a different subject, I feel that calming music is perfect for this time of year. Not to sound too hippie about it, but late winter going into early spring is like waiting for the earth to be born or wake up. Like the snow covering everything is a blanket or something to that effect. Then when the snow melts the blanket is taken away and we can only hope the earth doesn’t wake up cranky. So while we’re waiting it seems appropriate to listen to something calming while the earth sleeps. We are, after all, connected to the earth – at least in the sense that it allows us to live, so if the earth is calmly sleeping it wouldn’t be insensible to follow that example. Otherwise it would be like walking through a fresh coat of snow, disturbing the earth from its sleep. An inappropriately excessive amount of energy on our part would damage that connection to the sleeping thing. It’s the perfect excuse to huddle inside away from the cold with a nice cup of hot chocolate or tea or whatever.

I guess I don’t have anything interesting or important to say today. It happens.