Portland Press Herald invents fake refugee success story to promote welfare benefits for non-citizen African refugees



We can’t all be the same and have certain people be special because this is self-contradictory. We can’t allow people to say race doesn’t exist and then turn around and give special privileges and holidays and whatnot to everyone except whites because this is also self-contradictory and also racist and anti-white. We can’t allow them to steal our money for themselves, Israel, criminal immigrants et cetera just because they like to pretend that whites never faced any hardship and because they like to pretend that things like the Holodomor never happened because the resulting number of white deaths from it dwarfs the falsified number of Jewish deaths that resulted from the Holocaust (and of course I’m not saying Jews didn’t die as a result of the Holocaust. I’m just saying it was less than six million). We can’t allow them to destroy our culture, history, languages, nations, and the genetic makeup of our race just because they feel like it.

What about us? What about all the deaths and tragedies we’ve had to deal with? Apart from more recent things, we can even look back in time to see that we get the word “slave” from “Slav” because so many of them were enslaved and raped and we still don’t whine about it and demand vengeance or money like a pack of greedy dogs (whereas others apparently like to complain about things that happened decades, centuries, or even millennia ago). What about how we’re forced to live by people we don’t get along with and have our property values lowered because “we need more diversity” when this only applies to white neighborhoods? What about the ridiculously high rate of black-on-white crimes compared to the much lower rate of white-on-black- crimes? What about how we can’t say anything nice about our race, culture, or history without automatically being labeled a racist Nazi when it’s perfectly acceptable for people of other races to do the same? (And that even applies to dating. Just because I’m only attracted to men of European descent doesn’t automatically make me a Nazi. It means I’m not going to date a man who isn’t white.) And what about how we can’t mention the hundreds of times the Jews got kicked out of their host countries or question the Holocaust without being labeled an anti-Semite? What about how the other races get to spew hate speech, incite racial hatred, and commit any crimes they want without getting in trouble while we aren’t allowed to say or do anything to defend ourselves because it would be labeled a racist hate crime or hate speech and end with the white defendant(s) getting thrown in jail for ten years while the non-white aggressor walks free? Is there even still a nation that gives rights to whites?!

Sometimes I think it’s as if a lot of people these days are living in some strange fantasy world where they think white people have never had any problems and everyone is equal, and that they believe in some sort of hidden land where every white man lives like a king and drinks all his beverages from a chalice covered in jewels as he sits on a throne in a castle hidden under his normal, modest-looking house where he gets everything he wants because of some sort of “white privilege” myth while all the black criminals are strolling down the streets innocently feeding birds or watching butterflies or something and not committing crimes or getting thrown in jail despite the fact that said criminals are criminals because every time a crime is committed it must have been done by some white guy and so on. Surely even children could see how strange this sounds.